Random wedding junk

I'm running out of wedding stories to tell - heck, as Jonathan reminds me, today is our 2 week anniversary. We're officially an old married couple.

Here are some last photos from the wedding/cruise. After that, it's back to my regular old blogging ...
My tropical wedding bouquet. I've never been so attached to flowers before. I looked up "preserving wedding flowers" on diy.com, but they aren't drying very well. The roses still look ok, but the bigger flowers are wilted and brown and smell bad. I guess I'll have to throw them away.
Jonathan appears to be upset that Goofy is hitting on his woman.
Awwwww - even our bath towels are kissing!
My something blue.


Wedding Music

Even though it was just Jonathan and myself, we still did some of the traditional things at our 20 minute wedding ceremony/reception. Together we chose the bride's processional song, our recessional song, and our first dance.

Processional - Pacabe's (something) in Cannon D - more commonly known as "The Christmas Song". If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'd be surprised. You've probably heard this instrumental before, most likely during Christmas time on the radio

**if somebody could give me any tips on posting song clips, that would rock!**

Recessional Song - Jonathan had the fantastic idea of using a poem song from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. We saw the movie in a theater in 3D in October, heard the song, and though it would be perfect! It's the song at the end of the movie when Sally and Jack realize that they were meant to be. The song/poem's lyrics are as follows:

My dearest friend, if you don't mind,
I'd like to join you by your side.
Where we can gaze into the stars,
And sit together, now and forever.
For it is plain, as anyone can see,
We're simply meant to be.

First dance - Dancing Cheek to Cheek, by Frank Sinatra (did I spell 'cheek' right?). It's a little too fast for a slow dance, but we both have 2 left feet, so we weren't going to be graceful regardless. The store behind that song choice is a while ago (maybe 2+ years ago), Jonathan (for no apparent reason) grabbed me and sang that song to me as we danced around the room, for about 10 seconds.

Isn't he just the cutest?!? I'm sure he's trilled that I shared that story.


I work hard for the money!

When I posted a photo of myself at work (I think it was around Jan '06?) - I might have been wearing the same exact outfit.


I think I need a raise to buy more clothes.

On the plus side - I haven't gained much weight in the past 2 years.

Here I am hard at work on 12/28/07 - the week of Christmas. Notice that there are no other co-workers in site. They all had the week off. I can't remember why I had my camera at work ...
Happy January!

The "real" wedding

Since getting married on the water in the Bahamas by a ship captain isn't 100% legal, we actually went thru a ceremony on US soil on 1/14/07 at 3:30pm. Here is proof!
I was hoping we got to keep the cute table topper (Mickey & Minnie bobble heads), but alas, they were only decorations.
You may kiss the bride!


More wedding photos!

After the official photographer was done, we had a lot of time to kill before our 8pm dinner reservation at Palo. Lucky for us it was 'formal' night on the cruise. Mickey & Minnie were in their best outfits in the ship's lobby. We got in the very long line and waited. 10 minutes later, the head of photography comes up to us and says, "come to the front of the line!" I wasn't going to deny him!

They also let us include these "non-official" photographs in with our wedding package, which was awesome! The whole ship's photograph team was so great!


Wedding Photos!

Since all the actual wedding photos are 'real' photos (not digital), I have to scan them w/ my scanner, then transfers them from my computer to Jonathan's computer (since his has the internet access), then download them on snapfish.com . . . etc . . .

Needless to say, it's a chore. Grrrrr.

So here are the 3 of the 5 photos I scanned today! Yay!

These 2 photos are some of my favorites. Dopey was my maid of honor! (ha ha ha)

We took a couple photos out on the deck. The sun was setting behind us on Nassau, Bahamas.

This is Jonathan's favorite picture. We are in the hallway between the 2 gift shops. One of the photo employees was amazed that the hallway was totally clear of people!

We're back!

Both of us are a little dizzy. It feels like we're still at sea.

The trip was a blast. I took 200+ photos ... I'll try to post some later today.


Bon voyage!

We're off! I'll post some photos and dialoge when we get back on Thursday.

Texas de Brazil

Last night my friends Hiromi & Melanie (and their husbands) surprized me and took us out to dinner at Texas de Brazil.

The restaurant is very unusual. There is a large circular buffet in the middle for salads and cold things. Then, at the table, you have a round disc. Red on one side (stop!) and green on the other (go!). If your disc is green, the meat servers will come every 2 minutes or so (those guys are quick!) and offer you meat. If your disc is red, they won't ask you.

I think they had every kind of meat known to man - and I think Hiromi ate all of them! They has sausage, lamb, ribs, flank steak, filet mingon (sp?), and a bunch of others I can't remember. It was a pretty cool place!

In typical Hiromi fashion, she took a ton of photos, so when she e-mails them to me (hint, hint!) I'll post some. She also bought Jonathan and I the wedding mouse ears! They rule!!! And Melanie got me the perfect size scrapbook. I love it!

T-26 hours until we leave!


T-5 days

5 days until our cruise (we leave on Sunday 1/14/07)! I am so excited to go on a vacation!!!!

And I think I'm all set. I have something ...

old - my necklace (granted, it's only 2 months old, but that still counts!)

new - my dress

borrowed - I mooched a veil from my friend Melanie (not the head piece thing, just the veil part)

blue - I think I'll paint my toe nails light blue?!?

Bring on a vacation!


Top 5 Things to do before I die

Honorable mention: Have dreadlocks ... this one I don't see happening. Unless I win the lottery and don't have to work in an office anymore.

5. Live by the ocean ... after all these Florida hurricanes, I think I'm going to cross this one off my list. Although that lotto money could help me rebuild?!?

4. Learn to surf

3. Visit Hawaii ... done!

2. Run a marathon ... done!

1. Photograph a tornado


Snakes on a Plane

In honor of the #1 movie of 2006 coming out on DVD today (1/2/07 - I think it comes out today???), I found ...


Jonathan was holding a heavy couch, so I was the one who had to scare it away with a broom. It was only about 7" long, but it was still horrible!

And where did the snake go after I 'scared' it out of the garage? Under my car!!! I suggested that I get my car keys and try to run it over a couple times, but Jonathan suggested that I let it live.