It's here!!!

2 months ago I signed up for Chicago Bears credit card.

Besides the cool Soldier Field design on the card, there was an added perk - if I spend $75 in the first month (oh my, what a challenge!) I got a free sweatshirt and a free Bears mini helmet SIGNED BY OGULEYE (sp?).

My package came in the mail yesterday!!!

The mini helmet is super cool, and the sweatshirt rocks. It's a XL, but it still rocks. I love the smell and fuzzy feel to brand new sweatshirt.

The NFL and MLB always seem to have credit card promotions going on. Just don't have too many credit cards at one time. Now I just have to cancel this Bears card and I'm good to go!


Random Walt Disney World photos

Even though we live in Orlando, and we go to the parks 2 or 3 times a month, there is still always something new-ish to take a picture of!
Jellyfish at Epcot. They reconfigured the inside of the Living Seas, and Turtle Talk with Crush moved to a better location. There is an actual waiting room for the show now.
Happy Easter from the World of Disney Store!
I always take photos of things I want for Christmas, that way Jonathan has visual aids when he goes shopping.
I thought this t-shirt was cute. Or maybe it was a tank top? Either way, I found it at the Magic Kingom inside the 'adult' store (which used to be the sports store) on Main Street.


Rewind back to January ...

To tide you over until I can think of something blog-worthy, here are some photos of me trying on my wedding dress after they took it in (where else - in the chest area). I think the lady who measured me was dislexic - I think she reversed my actual measurments. My dress was pretty tight!
I was too cheap to pay $95 for them to hem the bottom, since I would only be wearing it for 3 hours, so I had lots of extra fabric down there (I should've moved some of it up top). I had my very own kangaroo pouch.
Ahhhh - dress unzipped. I can breath again!