Dr. Howald is in

A lot of people have been getting sick lately. In fact, I was sick a couple months ago (I was in and out of work for 4 days), and I haven't been sick in about 3 years.

Here's my non-sick remedy:

* Lay on the couch pretty much all day.

* Have at least 2 blankets over you and a huge pillow.

* Watch minimum 3 movies in a row (they must be action/comedy movies. You can't be thinking too hard).

* Drink cranberry juice/OJ.

* Put frozen peas/broccoli on your forehead (to combat the fever).

3 days later - you're as good as new!



Last Sunday (not Easter) evening Jonathan and I (and 2 friends) enjoyed a dinner at Emril’s restaurant at Universal Studios.

Since Emril’s is a ‘fancy’ restaurant, and since it cost and arm and a leg, I anticipated the portions to be pathetically small. You know when you order a $28 plate of chicken, and you get a thimble size piece of meat with fancy sauces drizzled around it?

Not this place! I ordered the $28 plate of chicken – and I got ½ a chicken, about 1 lb of mashed potatoes and a handful of french fries. I couldn’t even eat it all, which killed me because it was so expensive.

Then all 4 of us ordered 1 piece of banana something pie. I figured I would get 1 bite, and everybody else would get 2 bites (which was fine by me, I was stuffed!). Well the pie comes, and it’s as big as my head. I think I took about 20 bites (so much for being stuffed huh?), and everybody else pigged out on it also.

I can’t honestly recommend the restaurant because I really don’t DO fancy restaurants. Plus it was so blooming expensive. Although I’m glad I went once. Now I can say “I’ve been there.” The only reason we went is because Jonathan got a gift certificate for $100 for Christmas. Thank you Jonathan’s boss!


Sweet website

There is music on your computer! Who knew?!? Ok, everybody but me probably knew that.

My cube-neighbor (at work) introduced me to http://www.pandora.com/ – it’s a free radio for your computer, but you create the station!

I currently have 3 radio stations I flip back and forth between.

You type in a song or a band that you like, and they create a station with those songs, and songs that are similar. You can add multiple songs/artists as well.

When a song starts playing, you rate it *thumbs up* or *thumbs down*. This way, Pandora gets to know you, and only plays stuff that is similar to your *thumbs up* ranking.

I love it! My 3 stations are called Stairway to Heaven (70’s rock), 2 Unlimited (early 90’s dance music) and Foo Fighters (alternative).


Dude looks like a lady!!!

So I was at the Magic Kingdom today. I was wearing a blue t-shirt w/ one of the Muppets on it (the band member who plays the saxaphone) and my Chicken Little baseball hat. My hair was up in a bun.

Since Jonathan was getting his hair cut, I had about 1/2 hour to walk around thru the Emporium shops.

I became a nerd recently and decided to try to collect a certain set of Pirates of the Caribbean pins. With a hand ful of old pins (tradables) I went out to stalk cast members who were wearing pin lanyards.

I found one nice lady. As I approched her, pin in hand, she said, "Hi sport - see a pin you like?"

Sport?!? Am I a 12 year old boy?

The next lady I traded with called me ... shoot, I can't remember now! But it was another boy-ish name.

I really need to wear more revealing clothing!


Earth Hour

I'm not a super eco-champion or anything. Actually I am anal about turning off lights b/c I don't want to pay a giant electrical bill. But I'm all for a kitchy world power outage!

It started with a question: How can people be inspired to take action on climate change?

The answer: Ask the people of Sydney to turn off their lights for one hour.

With Sydney icons like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House turning their lights off, and unique events such as weddings by candlelight, the world took notice. Inspired by the collective effort of millions of Sydneysiders, many major global cities are joining Earth Hour in 2008, turning a symbolic event into a global movement, where on Mar 29 between 8pm and 9pm, thousands will turn off their lights.

To find out more information or how you can participate, please go to...


Google This!

I really, really enjoy googling stuff. Is “googling” in the dictionary, because it should be.

If you google my name, you’ll just find my blog, myspace and my marathon results. Nothing super exciting or scandalous (thank goodness!).

But try googling other people’s names – it’s super fun! And you never know what you’ll find.

Case in point – I googled I guy I went to high school with a couple days ago. John Peshia. My jaw hit the floor when the results popped up. (no, it’s nothing gross or illegal).