I think I've found my calling!

So as I'm playing and posing with a Bert and Ernie puppet, another family walks in the puppet room.  Since I'm hunched behind the puppet show window, I can't see a thing.  I hear Jonathan giggling and I hear some little kid say "hi!  hi!  hi!".  I popped my head up really quick (to see where he was), and did the WORST Bert and Ernie impression ever.

Our friends Bill and Melanie grabbed a puppet too, and this kid was eating it up!

Can you tell me how to get ...

... how to get to Sesame Street!

One fun part about the Muppet exhibit was a little kids area.  They had a bunch of Sesame Street puppets, and we just couldn't resist.  I think Jonathan looks pretty convincing talking to Big Bird and Grover.  Grover looks like he has a lot to talk about!


Create your band name and album cover

This is all over facebook, and it looks pretty fun, so I gave it a try.  "Come on - everybody's doing it!"

Mine is kind-of lame ... but it's all random!

1 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band

2 - http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four or five words of the very last quote on the page is the title of yo
ur first album.

3 - http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.


Fuzzy Muppets

More fuzzy photos from our trip to the Muppet Museum.
I'm sure you recognize Bert and Ernie, and Rowlf (sp?).
But the guy in the Sir Linit can is from a com
mercial from the '70s.  I guess Jim Henson did a ton of commercials in the '60s and '70s with muppets.  He looks a lot like Ernie huh?  Check out his little iron feet.  I guess Linit is a starch like substance.


YouTube Tuesdays

Keep your eye on the little "stuffed" Panda - at least, I thought it was a stuffed animal.

I bet you'll have to watch this clip at least twice, and it's only 16 seconds.

God bless you!


Do do do do-do ...

... manamuna!

Jonathan and I went to the Orlando Museum of some kind last weekend.  They had a special exhibit on Jim Henson.

Unfortunately, there was no photography inside the exhibit.  My camera has a 'museum' function on it, so I knew I would be able to take photos with out hurting any of the exhibits, but there were people watching every so often.  So I had to be really stealth like!  Hence, the fuzzy muppet photo.


Having a bad day?

Well, it could always be worse!


YouTube Tuesdays

I'm embarrassed to admit ...

... I love the Miley Cyrus song "See You Again."

Yes, I said it.

I've never seen the video, but here is the song on You Tube.  It actually takes a little bit for the song to build up, but it has a nice beat eventually.  Dare I say ... rocker-ish?


Happy Valentine's Day!

Since Jonathan is out of town, I'm all alone for Valentine's Day, watching Live Free or Die Hard.

That's ok though, we aren't really super romantic, going out for expensive dinner types of people anyway.

But I did to grocery shopping at Wal-mart earlier.  It's so cute seeing guys walking around with shopping carts full of flowers, boxes of candy and GIANT stuffed animals.  Especially the big tough biker-looking dudes.  I didn't really realize people still bought heart shaped boxes of chocolates and huge pink stuffed dogs.

On the plus side, all Valentine's stuff was (surprisingly!) 50% off!  Yay for great deals!  (No, I didn't buy any stuffed animals)

Pizza Planet!

The journaling says "Julie has been waiting for 3 long years to eat at Pizza Planet!"


Coming Soon!

Check out what is coming soon to Universal Studios.  Harry Potter Land (or what ever it's called).  I hope it's going to be super cool.


YouTube Tuesdays

I went to high school with this guy.  Now he's using 200lbs. dumbells.

Yes, that's a 200lb. dumbell in EACH HAND!


Pizza Planet!

3 years ago when Julie came to visit she wanted to eat at Pizza Planet.  I agreed, but 'forced' her to run around the park a little while longer.  Then, when we were ready to eat, Pizza Planet was closed.

So this trip, Julie wasn't going to do anything else but eat at Pizza Planet!

Side note:  Pizza Planet is from the movie Toy Story.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the pizza.  I figured it would be flat crust with bland toppings.  It was actually really thick crust (I love crust!!) and good pizza.  One small pizza was way too much food (Julie and I should've shared), but I shoved it down and made it my lunch/dinner, or lunner.

My brother, Corey, ate 2 full pizzas.



This is what Corey, Julie, Mitch, Jonathan and I did for about 4 hours per day.

Corey, Julie & Mitch all bowled and bowled until Wii made them pros.  
I bowled a bunch of horrible games and Wii took my pro status away!
I'm sure most of us have heard the term 'turkey', which is 3 strikes in a row.

But did you know 'Hambone' is 4 strikes in a row?  And we made up 'Slap', which is 5 strikes in a row.  Also, 3 strikes in the 10th frame is a 'strike out' (that's real, we didn't make that up).  I think I'm a little hoarse from yelling "hambone strike out!" all night long.



Here is Corey and Jonathan hard at work creating Super Bowl Bingo.

Note Jonathan's super cool Arizona Cardinals NFC championship shirt.

I had never heard of Super Bowl bingo before, but it was so much fun!

First we all sat around the table and wrote down about 75 different things that could happen during the Super Bowl. Then we cut those things out, drew them out of a hat (literally - see the Bears hat Corey is holding), and wrote them on blank bingo sheets.

Sample things we wrote down:
"Big Ben" reference
Steelers INT
3rd down and 10+ yard successful
James TD
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Snap by a back-up QB
Brenda Warner shown on TV
Fan with out a shirt
John Madden mentions Brett Farve
Chicago Cardinals mentioned
Tight End catches for a first down
and more!

It made the game more exciting. I can't wait for the next Super Bowl to play again!


The Simpsons Ride!

Even though simulator type rides make me violently ill, I was so excited to see the new Simpsons Ride at Universal.

It was AWESOME!!!  

I took 2 dramamines before hand, and only closed my eyes a couple times on the ride.  I think I saw most of it.  I can't believe I didn't get sick or anything.

The preshow was the best part.  I almost wish we would've waiting in line for at least 10-15 minutes (we walked right on the ride), b/c I bet there were tons of little Simpsons touches all over the place.

I must say, the Universal marketing department blew it big time when it came to souvenirs.  They didn't even sell BORT license plates.  You Simpsons fans know what I'm talking about.



This might have been the greatest ride photo ever.

It had been raining all day at Universal, so we figured, "what the heck - let's go on a water ride!"

Even though we were already soaked, we managed to get even more soaked!  Especially in the crotch area.

And the drop on Dudley Do Right's Rip Saw falls is really steep!  I think some of us are screaming because we're wet and some of us are actually scared!

From top to bottom:
My brother Corey
My friend Julie
Me (I'm not scared!)
Julie's husband Mitch
Good times!


Universal Studios

(My brother purchasing his 2nd soft pretzel)

We all went to Universal Studios last Monday.  It was supposed to be not too cold, but 70% chance of rain.

(Julie and Mitch are the only ones on Dueling Dragons!)

I made everybody get up early, and we left the house at 8am.  We were  going commando style!  We only had 9 hours (9am-6pm) in both parks, and I wanted to do everything we possibly could.

(We are soaked after riding Rip Saw falls)

Little did I know that NOBODY was going to Universal that day.  

Seriously, there were NO lines.  It was amazing.  We walked right on to every single ride.  And I'm not exaggerating at all.  I couldn't believe it.

(Corey is not excited about riding The Hulk coaster)

That 70% chance of rain was correct - we were all soaked by the time we left.  But I think everybody had a fun time.


Happy Birthday Julie!

Happy Birthday Julie!

Good luck getting your balloon hat thru airport security!

YouTube Tuesdays

Michael Jackson's Thriller video ... made of Legos!

It's obviously homemade, and a little out of focus, but it's genius!

(it's also pretty long)