Protein Spill!

If you work at Disney, you know what a 'protein spill' is. If you're not privy to that lingo ... it's a fancy way to say 'barf'.

So I just got home from Disneyland in California. They have a new show called World of Color. They sell cute popcorn buckets full of rainbow colored popcorn as a souvenir.

Jonathan bought one at 10am on Sunday morning. We started nibbling immediatly.

At noon I felt kind-of queezy. I figured it was because I had been eating like crap all weekend, and it was 100 degrees outside.

By 1pm I can barely function, so I found a quiet corner and laid down. All of a sudden, I felt "that feeling" and took off running outside to find a corner. I got within 10 feet of a bathroom and "protein spill!" I felt like a 5 year old who just puked in public.

Let me tell you ... that puke was GORGEOUS! There was a rainbow at my feet! Red, yellow, blue, purple ... just beautiful. I almost took a photo of it ... then I realized that was gross. Ha ha ha.

My M.O. is that the second I puke, I'm totally fine. So, after that embarrassing moment, I was totally healed and spend the next 11 hours at Disney. If you're doing the math, we left at midnight.


Laundry Strike - Day 27-30

Day 27 - Lime green (man, I love that color for some reason) t-shirt and Doreen ... one of the original Mouseketters!

Day 28 - It's a billion degrees outside, so it's skimpy blue tank top day. (I'm in the front row, left side. The moronic girl with her eyes closed).

Day 29 - Again, it's a billion degrees outside, so it's another tank top day. Side note: the black shorts I'm wearing used to be capris. I cut off about 4 inches, made a hem, and wa-la - instant shorts! Capris on a short person like me look ridiculous.

Day 30 - Back to work, and it's Skirt Tuesday again! I thought it was "wear your Hawaiian shirt to work day", but it turns out that wasn't the case. Oh well, I was looking forward to giving this dress I made a 'test run'.

Wow - I'm one month into my laundry strike, and I still have a closet full of clothes. That's actually kind-of pathetic. Although, that 4 day cruise where I wore a uniform all day really helped out.

Laundry Strike - Day 24, 25 & 26

Day 24 - Back to work on Monday. Blah, blah, blah day. Perfect for a blah brown on brown outfit.

Day 25 - Skirt Tuesday! I changed at work before softball, so no exciting live photos. I love a good $5 Gap skirt from the thrift store!

Day 26 - It's 'fat pants' day. Every girl knows what I'm talking about.


Who is this red scallywag?

A week ago I got off a Disney cruise. Cruises are the way to vacation, and nobody does it like Disney! It's normally a tad more expensive, but I really think it's worth it.

I was lucky enough to have a great travel companion ... Big Red! Big Red is our office's version of 'flat stanley'.

I handed Captain Jack Sparrow Big Red and said, "can you hold this and look confused?" To which he replied, "I'm always confused."

Rock on Captain Jack!


Laundry Strike - Day 16-23

Wow - a whole week has gone by, and I still haven't done any laundry! This week was quite easy. I was on a business trip and wore a uniform for 4 days in a row! I actually had to wash the uniform over the weekend, so the washing machine got a little bit of work.

Days 16, 17, 18 19 & 20
Here's me in my snazzy uniform shirt. And that's Joe Rhode - super awesome Disney Imagineer! He created Expedition Everest (among many things).

Day 21 - Back to work. Since I just got off a cruise (for business - awesome huh!), I wore my fat pants. If you've ever been on a cruise, you know what I mean.

Day 22 - "I traded my boyfriend for a Yeti". Classy.

Day 23 - Headed over to my friend Kelly's house. Her house is always chilly, so I took a chance on wearing a long sleeve t-shirt (even though it's 90 degrees outside). My gamble worked out, I was quite comfy!


Disney Cruise

I was honored to be one of three selected to represent my company on a Disney cruise this week.

I just got off the ship today. We all had a blast!

I'll post more stories and photos later.


DIY cardigan

Ok - this scared me. Here I have a perfectly good sweater, but I'm going to cut it and make it a cardigan (b/c that what I need ... more cardigans!)

This Gap sweater is cute, but it just doesn't fit me right. It's a kids sweater (I have no boobs), but the shoulders are just awkward.

Step 1: I cut a 1" strip straight down the middle.
Step 2: I cut the sleeves 1/2 off
Step 3: I cut the neckline into a V
Step 4: Hem everything (pain!!!)
Step 5: Turn that 1" strip of fabric into a wacky looking flower. Notice before the sweater had a cute little heart on it. I covered it up with my wacky flower.
Step 6: I sewed a button hole! I was very proud of myself for this. I had never attempted a button hole before. It was kind-of a pain (especially using sweater material), but it worked!

Ta-da! Instant cardigan!


Laundry Strike - Day 13, 14 & 15

Day 13 - lazy day off ... never left the house. (man, I really need to change my habits)

Day 14 - Football jersey day at work! I'm all about wearing un-dress code related things to work. However, this worries me. If there is a football party during my laundry strike, what will I wear? I guess I can probably wear this shirt 1 more time with out washing it first.

Day 15 - I wore my 'fat jeans' to work again. So now they have to be washed. I hope I still fit in my 'non fat jeans' next Saturday! Yet another cardigan ...


DIY dress

So I'm still working on the 3lbs of fabric I bought at the Crate and Barrel outlet (in Illinois). It was all random sized remnants, but I had one fairly large piece.

Seriously, this piece of fabric would've cost almost $35, but I got it for about 50 cents.

I measured above my chest, and my hips, cut out a rhombus shape, sewed it up the middle, elastic at the top and ... wha-la! Instant dress!

So I didn't look like a pregnant tent, I also made a belt for cinching. (Who loved SNL in the 90s? "You just cinch it!" (Gap Girls)).


Laundry Strike - Day 9, 10, 11 & 12

Day 9 - Playing in the Magic Kingdom day! Extremely random shirt given to me at a destination wedding (by my brother-in-law).

Day 10 - I wore my swimming suit all day at Blizzard Beach water park ... so there is NO WAY I'm posting a photo of that!

Day 11 - Skirt Tuesday. I picked up this beauty at a thift store. My husband HATED it so much. He calls it my 'safari outfit'. We were going on this night, so I went to put it back in (I had changed into jammies when I got home from work). He grabbed the dress and threw it in the dirty clothes pile!

Day 12 - Random work clothes. I'm wearing a cardigan again. I really didn't realize I had so many ... and we're only on Day 12.

The REAL Last Tour to Endor

Jonathan is a member of D23 and for only $5 a person they had a party for members to be the last people (besides the Cast Members I'm guessing ...) to ride Star Tours.

Dramamine - check
Sea Bands - check

Let's do this!

They let us walk really slowly to the ride, taking photos of everything. Same with the queue, nobody was in any rush at all, which was pretty cool.

The best part - a stormtrooper sat on the ride with us! This photo is Me, Sheri and Alice. Lucky Alice got to sit next to Mr. Loveable. He was holding his hands up (weeeeeee!), shaking his fist at the Rebels and facepalming when the Dark Side was defeated.

After the ride they gave us a "official last ride" patch (awesome!!!) and all the Cast Members were making a bridge of plastic lightsabers. Random, but cool.

The other perk of this D23 party was being at the park ALONE at night. I brought my tri-pod and experimented with some night time photos.


DIY skirt

I'm quite pleased with myself. I bought this fabric at the Crate & Barrel outlet in Illinois (possibly the greatest store EVER!) for 95 cents a pound. It was crazy! Normally this fabric is $35 a yard. Now that's a silly price, but my 95 cents a pound was a steal!!!

The easiest thing to make, I assumed, would be a skirt. I had never used elastic before, but how hard can it be?!?

Turns out, not hard at all - ta da!

What was hard was trying to make the blue lining for the inside. I ended up giving up on it. I hope the white skirt isn't too see-through. I guess I'll find out the first day I wear it to work.


Laundry Strike - Day 7 & 8

Day 6.5 - Thursday ... my day off ... never took my jammies off!

Day 7 - one of my favorite shirts ever. Thank you Beth for the hand me downs! I have a feeling I'll need to wash the purple tank and wear it again (under more cardigans. I just love cardigans!)

Day 8 - Jeans day at work again! Does this yellow shirt look familiar (no - why would it?!?). I own 4 of the same shirt: black (I wore it earlier this week), yellow, purple and gray. Hey, when I find a bargain and in my size, I go nuts!

And I wore my 'fat' jeans today. I wanted to wear a different pair, but I need to spread my clothes out. That's what this entire thing is about!


Kennedy Space Center

A year ago, Buzz Lightyear came back from a year long stay inside the International Space Station. He was welcomed back to Earth with a big parade at the Magic Kingdom. His good buddy Buzz Aldrin was on hand to welcome him back as well.

Jonathan was able to skip out of work for a few hours and meet Buzz Aldrin, and get his new book autographed.

Ever since he read that book, he's been dying to visit Kennedy Space Center.
It's over $40 a pop to get in to KSC, so I always put off going until we could find some great Florida resident coupon.

Queue the Star Wars Celebration and a SWAG bag. Insert 50% off coupon! The only kicker was that the coupon expired in 1 week. So off we went!

I was not overly excited to visit NASA, but it was surprisingly fun. The highlight was meeting a real astronaut! Jon McBride was a space shuttle pilot for 1 mission. He was a really cool guy.

So, I highly recommend a visit to KSC. I can't imagine paying full price (it would've been close to $90 for the both of us), so be on the lookout for coupons!


Laundry Strike - Day 4, 5 & 6

Day 4 - How many boring black shirts do I own? We'll soon find out!
Also, how dusty is my closet mirror?!? Gross!

Day 5 - It's skirt Tuesday! I instituted 'skirt Tuesday' to force myself to wear the billon dresses and skirts I own. So far, I think it's working (for me at least).

Oddly enough, I got a zillion compliments on this dress this week. It struck me as odd b/c I've worn it to work before. But hey, I'll take a compliment, so 'thanks everybody!'

I should really be thanking my bud Hiromi for giving me this dress as a hand me down. I really love it!

Day 6 - I wore jeans to work for no good reason. Maybe because it's TGIF for me (even though it's Wednesday).

These aren't my favorite jeans, and I'm not a huge fan of this shirt ... but that's kind-of the point of my laundry strike: to force me to wear stuff I never wear. And if I wear it and hate it, then to the Salvation Army it goes!