The Magic, The Memories and You!

Check out (most) of the new Magic Kingdom castle show.

Jonathan managed to record most of it before his flip cam battery died.

I think my favorite part is around the 2:25 mark. Although the train scene is pretty neat. And the consensus is that the rocket scene rocks!


You aren't digital scrapbooking yet?

I haven't tried to convince anybody to start digital scrapbooking lately ... so here goes:

Put down those scissors and glue and boot up your computer! It's so much cheeper (you can reuse "elements" and "papers" over and over again). You can match colors PERFECTLY with photoshop. And it's less 'stuff' to have in your house.

Here is my gallery on MouseScrappers. Come look around and see the cool stuff you can create with just a computer.


Speed Scrapping Marathon - Jan 7-9

Get your scrapbooking shoes on, because MouseScrappers is hosting a Speed Scrap Marathon!

I'm hosting on at 6pm EST on Saturday, January 8. It's my first time running a speed scrap, so we'll see how I handle the 'speedy' pressure!