YouTube Tuesdays

Go Rays!!!!!

The Tampa Bay Rays made the playoffs for the first time EVER.

In honor of them, here is a You Tube video I made about the Tampa Bay Rays fan fest Jonathan and I attended before the season began.  I bet next years fan fest will be a mad house!


Restaurant Review: Trails End

Over the weekend Jonathan and I dined at Trails End.  Jonathan just LOVES this place.

Normally I'm not a fan of Disney buffets.  I just can't stand spending $30+ on one meal.  There is no way I'm eating $30 worth of food.  (Side note - our weekly grocery bill for 2 is only about $40-50).  Plus, every time I leave a buffet I feel totally sick.  One time, I ate at Tusker House (at Animal Kingdom), and I litterally didn't eat a full meal for 36 hours later.  I think I'm turning into a snake in my old ate.

Back to Trails End ... it's only $19/person to eat there, so I can almost stomach paying that price.  Plus the food is really good.  Jonathan ate 4 pieces of fried chicken.  They also have ribs, buffalo sausage, salad, mashed potatos, mac 'n cheese, some guy cutting some sort of fancy meat (that neither of us had) and desserts!

Magical, magical desserts!  They added something new - an ice cream sundae (sp?) station!!!  They had soft serve ice cream and tons of available toppings - including Gummy Bears!  I'm a huge 'gummy' fan.  I had a delicious cookie/ice cream sandwich for dessert.
Good times.



So I'm outside planting some plants and throwing mulch around, when Jonathan says, 'come here!'

I figured he wanted me to help him with fixing 2 sprinkler heads.

Instead he shows me a SNAKE SKIN on the yard!  I know snakes are around, but I don't want to think about it, see one, or know about it.

This is a month after Jonathan tells me this story:  He's mowing the lawn (push mower) and he sees something.  But it's too late, he's run it over with the lawn mower.  As he looks behind him, he sees a headless snake flopping around.  He came inside to show me (seriously?!?), but the snake head and body are gone.  We're assuming another animal ate it.



RIP: Wonderful World of Memories

I was at Downtown Disney last night and the Wonderful World of Memories store is closed!

This was the store behind the Christmas Store.  They sold wonderful scrapbook supplies and books.

The sign said it will be re-opening in Fall 2008 (soon!) as the "Make your own t-shirt" store, sponsored by Hanes.

Sounds pretty cool, but I'll miss the original store.


YouTube Tuesdays

This clip is from the movie Open Season.  Boog, the bear, has been living in a house his entire life, going to the bathroom in the toilet.

Now he's stuck in the real wilderness, and he has to go #2.  He's asking his friend, Elliot the deer, how and where he goes to the bathroom.

Sounds stupid and childish, but it's just so darn cute!


Google this again!

If you have a blog, I highly suggest you sign up for Google Analytics (sp?).

If I spelled "analytics" correctly, then that link should work.  Doh!

Basically it counts how many people views your blog per day, where they are from ... all sorts of data points!

Did you know that almost 20 people read my blog per day?  Who are you?!?  Leave me a comment, b/c I'm just curious.


Elevator Ettiquete

Did I spell "ettiquete" wrong?  I'm guessing I did.

Seriously - did some people in my office building never visit a 2 story building before?  Welcome to the world of elevators!  They are magical creatures.

Maybe I'm just being a jerk, but I find it so annoying (and rude) when I'm standing there, waiting for an elevator, and somebody rushes up and stands right in front of the door.

#1 - you just cut in front of me (and I'm the only one standing here)

#2 - it's a big elevator, we're both going to fit

#3 - people have to get off the elevator, so give them some freaking room!

This happens every day.  When I get off the elevator, I always have to say "excuse me" to somebody who's rushing to get in the elevator.  Can't you wait 2 seconds?

And this isn't some college dorm room elevator (I always remember those 'vators were super crowded and you always had to wait for one forever).  We've got 3 elevators in my office building, and they are NEVER full.  Normally when I press the button, an empty one opens immediatly.

Trust me, I'm all for rushing to get to places (I'm a fast walker), but give us elevator riders a break.


YouTube Tuesdays

I'm stealing an idea from my co-worker (www.johninorlando.com).  He does a "Manic Monday" blog every ... you guessed it ... Monday.  It's always some silly photo or moronic video.  It's great stuff!

So I've decided to also have a "thing".  I call mine {YouTube Tuesdays}.

I saw this clip while watching the Arizona Cardinals thrash the Miami Dolphins.

Check out this guy's 66" vertical leap!  That's 6 inches TALLER than me!  You go Adrian Wilson.



RIP to the Adventure's Club, which will close in a couple weeks.
I finally convinced Jonathan to check it out, and we've really enjoyed ourselves at the Adventure's Club.  I only wish we found out about it sooner so we could've bought the cheese-ball plastic cups shaped like a moose head (just like the one hanging on the wall).
If you've never been to the Adventure's Club it's a small, circular room, with 3 smaller rooms off to the side.  Every so often there are comedy skits in the smaller rooms.  Every night at 8pm (when they open) they teach everybody the official Adventure's Club song, wave and the cheer KONGALUSH!!!
Hopefully we'll have one more time to go back before it closes for good.


Google this!

If you enjoy my blog, and other blogs as well, I highly recommend you sign up for a google reader.

If you have a blog, then you already have a google sign in.  If not, what's another username and password for you to remember (groan huh?).

Basically, what google reader does it tells you when somebody has updated their blog.  So for me it works out great!  Instead of going to 15+ friends blogs (and other awesome blogs like Cake Wrecks), my google reader tells me when on of them has been updated.

If you notice on the right hand side of my blog, you'll see 'subscribe to posts'.  If you click there, and then choose the 'google' option, it will automatically put my blog in your google reader.  If a blog you like doesn't have that quick and easy option, then you can manually add stuff to your reader.

Check it out!!!


The Varsity!

No trip to Atlanta would be complete with out a trip to the Varsity.  They recently celebrated their 80th anniversary.
It's just a bunch of greasy food, but it's an Atlanta classic.  I had a chili cheeseburger and a peach pie.
The Varsity's catch phrase is "what'll ya have!".  Basically when you walk in the door, there is a mile long counter with tons of cash registers.  The workers just yell "what'll ya have!" at you until you read the menu and make up your mind.  Jonathan kept telling me that I would make a great Varsity employee because I'm cranky and yell alot.  Hardy, har, har.


She sell sea shells ...

My boss was talking about a pile of shells she found, and was debating on what to do with them.

Well, I came home from Kwajalein with a pile full of shells.  Most of them kind-of tiny.

I had a ton of raffia (that brown ribbon stuff) and some little strings of light blue ribbon.  I started tying knots and wha-la!

I was also kind-of proud of my purple creation.  Those purple things - or crayons as we called them in Kwaj - are actually sea urchin 'legs'.  Gross when you think about it.


Olympic Fever

It was kind-of cool to be in Atlanta, home of the 1996 Olympics during the 2008 Olympics.  Even though there was nothing special going on, we did walk thru Centennial Olympic Park on our way from Coke over to the CNN building.

I think this is there that Richard Jewel guy got arrested for the bombing ... maybe ...


More Coke!

I can't say enough about the World of Coke.  We had so much fun drinking all the crazy flavors.  If you are in Atlanta, I highly recommend it!  

Thank you John Pemberton for inventing Coke!


Not many things bother me, but ...

... I get soooooo annoyed when somebody addresses me (or us - my husband and I) as "Mr. & Mrs. John Doe".

I mean, I did the traditional thing when I got married and changed my last name.  But I don't remember changing my first name too?

Maybe I'm just being stupid, but I find that to be one of the most annoying things EVER!