"You know what really grinds my gears?"

(That's a quote from Peter Griffin from Family Guy)

It's time for my yearly rant!  I don't really rant about too many things, but this really annoys me for some reason.

Why do people address a letter (specifically a Christmas Card) to Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan *Smith*?

I did change my name to *Smith* when I got married, but I don't remember changing my name from Amber to Jonathan as well!

Now, if you are a friend or relative of Jonathan's, and you don't know my first name, but I guess I can understand why the envelope didn't have my first name on it.  But it still really annoys me.


YouTube Tuesdays

And the finale of my 3 favorite classic rock songs.

"No Stairway" - Wayne's World

Enjoy Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin.  (Honestly, I just love the end with the rockin' guitar.  Fast forward to 5 minutes and 30 seconds, and start rocking!).


Let's go Blues!

Yesterday Jonathan, his parents and I went to a St. Louis Blues game.

They were playing the San Jose Sharks.  For all those who don't follow hockey, the Sharks are the #1 team in the league.  They've only lost 3 games all season (or something ridiculo
us like that).

During a time out, they were showing fans on the big screen.  At one point they showed a San Jose Sharks fan (eating a soft pretzel), and we all 'boo'ed' (but they were nice 'boos', I promise!)

Then the Sharks fan dropped a piece of his pretzel (on the gross stadium floor), picked it up and ate it!  All this was on the big screen.  The entire stadium was cracking up!  He had no clue we were all laughing at him.  It was hilarious!!!


Scraplift this!

I've started traveling with my mac book (I'm so cool huh?) because I have ample opportunity to scrapbook at my in-laws house.

Here is one page I whipped up while watching Ice Age 2.

Actually - I totally cheated on it.  It's a 'quick page', meaning everything is already made for me, I just pasted a photo.  I also added the date and the little "you and me" words.  I'm so talented huh?!?

Merry Christmas all over again!


Merry Christmas!

As we all know, Jesus is the reason for the season ... but getting presents is pretty fun too!

Here are some photos from 12/23, when Jonathan and I exchanged our gifts.

Growing up, I never got (or wanted) a "big" gift.  I enjoy receiving small stuff.  Maybe it's quantity over quality (although all my small stuff is quality).

Notice we each bough each other hats.  I got a super cool Chicago Bears hat (from Walmart of all places!) and I got Jonathan 
a Rays World Series (there's a patch on the side) hat.


Merry Christmas!

Jonathan and I celebrated Christmas today!

Since we're flying to Jonathan's home town (in Missour-a) on 12/24/08 at 7:05am (yikes!), we opened our presents tonight.  I didn't want to have to haul them on an airplane.

We decided to have a $100 limit this year.  Actually, that was Jonathan's idea - which totally surprised me.  He's normally not one for budgeting.

We each makes lists for each other.  Jonathan makes a list of 4 things - and I buy those 4 things (pretty easy!).  I make a list of about 25 things, so I'll be surprised.  I like my gifts to be surprises.

Jonathan bought me some Mary Jane crocs (but in chocolate brown).  Yay!

YouTube Tuesdays

Continuing with my 3 favorite songs on my favorite Classic Rock radio station.

I can hear the fans now - FREE BIRD!

Enjoy Free Bird, by Lynard Skynard.


When Refs Attack!

In the Rams game yesterday, a Rams running back made a quick cut to the right to avoid a tackler.  

Unfortunately a ref was standing right there (where refs always stand) and they ran right into each other.

You would think the huge, bulky Rams player would've plowed right thru the ref.

Not this time - the ref put his arm up to 'protect him', and he totally took the Rams player down.

Check out these hilarious photo.  It looks like the ref is punching the Rams player in the face, but I assure you, the play was totally harmless.


Fashion 101

If you're like me, and don't own very many clothes, getting dressed for work isn't a big theatrical show.  I've got about 10 shirts, and probably about 7 pairs of pants, and they pretty much all mix and match.  Zzzzzzzzz.

Then there's always those couple shirts that move to the back of the closet, for one reason or another.

I found those shirts today.  I put 'little used button up shirt' underneath 'little used sweater' today, and I loved it!

No big deal to most, but I felt cool all day long.  It was like wearing new clothes!


My favorite song - literally

So my birthday was Monday, and my brother (who lives in Illinois) called to say 'hey'.  

We don't really do gifts anymore, but he called to give me "the gift of laughter".

He said, "what's your favorite '80s song."

I said, "Take On Me, by A-ha (but of course!")

He said, "Excellent.  Go to You Tube and search for 'Take On Me Literally'."

I did, and I nearly peed my pants laughing.  This video is classic, and this 'literal' version is hilarious.

Basically, some (random) You Tube genius took the original classic video, and the original music, and created an entire new song based on the wacko scenes in the video.

Click here immediately - you won't be disappointed.

P.S.  Pipe wrench fight!


YouTube Tuesdays

On the weekends, when I'm driving around, I listen to 102.5 FM.  They play Classic Rock.
I'm always waiting to hear my 3 favorite songs.  If one of these songs is playing, you don't touch the radio (you hear me Jonathan!).  If I'm by myself, and I'm almost at my destination, I'll probably sit in the car and listen to the rest of the song.

Last Sunday within a 2 hour time frame I heard all 3 songs.  That might have been the greatest day ever.

Here is one of those songs.  Enjoy Simple Kind of Man, by Lynard Skynard.


Wheel of Fortune!

Jonathan and I just got home from Sea World, where they were taping *everybody yell it now* Wheel ... Of ... Fortune!

It was so cool to watch!  Waiting in line for almost 2 hours to get in wasn't fun, but the taping totally made up for it.

Before it all started, they brought in a huge seal who did a bunch of tricks (like waving, hiding his face in shame ('oh no - bankrupt!') and clapping).  They are going to fuse those tricks into the final edit of the show.  Then they took a bunch of crowd shots that they will also fuse in.  We were sitting pretty far back, so I doubt I'll be on tv.

However, look for me March 16, 17 and 18 next year!!  You might see me.  And if you do watch Wheel of Fortune on March 16, 17 or 18, I'll give you a hint ... "bold move".  Trust me, you'll thank me later.


Cars Toys

My husband collects Cars toys (Cars - as in the Disney/Pixar movie Cars).  Yes, he's 30 years old and collects little cars.  I must admit, they are super cute.  Each car has cute little eyes and a cute little mouth.

Every since the movie came out in 2006, they've been introducing car after car after car!  Lightning McQueen, Lightning McQueen w/ his tongue hanging out, L McQ painted blue, L McQ with white wall tires, L McQ with cactus pieces on him and more (I'm not kidding).
Jonathan has pulled back a little bit.  He doesn't buy every single car anymore.  He just buys the unusual ones.

We found this little cutie at Walmart yesterday.  I guarantee that nobody can tell me where she (Jonathan says it's a 'he', but I'm calling her a 'she') is in the actual movie - but who cares!  It's Disney and it's a collectable!

Her name is Tank Coat Pitty.  I love her!


YouTube Tuesdays

Jonathan calls this the "Amber" commercial, b/c he thinks I'm angry enough to actually do this.  I don't think so, not for a burger anyways!  ;0)


Merry Christmas!

Who is Jonathan's favorite Disney character?

Click here to find out (and turn up the volume!!!)

Last Thursday Jonathan and I went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  I wanted to go for all the free cookies and hot chocolate.  Jonathan wanted to go to meet Scrooge McDuck.

It's not every day you meet somebody who's favorite Disney character is Scrooge.  Heck, it's not very day that you meet somebody who knows who Scrooge McDuck is!


Ride 'em Segway!

Over the summer, when Jonathan's brother was on leave from Iraq, they all came to visit.

(from left to right, Jonathan's mom, Jonathan, his brother's fiance, his dad, his brother and me!)

We all did the Segway tour at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

While it was a little pricey, it was a lot of fun!

Notice the giant 'off road' tires on the segways.  We could ride these things anywhere - grass, dirt, sand, over tree limbs (small tree limbs).

It was a really long tour too.  I highly recommend it!


Movie Yak

Wow - there are 4 new movie posts on movie yak TODAY!  And none of them are mine.

Yeah Movie Yak contributers - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Laundry Issues

So I haven't washed our bed sheets in a while (no, this isn't why I labeled this post 'embarrassing').  

So after work I rushed to do 3 loads of laundry (1 bottom sheet, 1 top sheet and 1 thin blanket.  Can I fit both sheets in 1 load?  I'm kind-of paranoid that the load of laundry will be too full.  Anyways, I just through in various clothes with each sheet, so it's a win+win.)

So I washed sheet #1 - done.  Washed the blanket - done.  Then I washed sheet #2 ... or did I?  When I went into the bedroom, I realized sheet #2 was still in a rumpled mess on the bed.  I had washed sheet #1 all over again!

I was so annoyed!  Plus I hate wasting water with an unnecessary load of laundry.  Grrrrrrr.


YouTube Tuesdays

I heard this song on the radio (some Rhianna song or something?).

In case you haven't seen this chubby kid on You Tube, have a look.  Maya hee!!


I met Tinker Bell!

I think the title is pretty self explanatory.

Although I've never mastered spelling "Tinker Bell".  Is that correct?  "Tinkerbell?"  "Tinkerbelle?"

Either way, since 
Disney made that new Tinkerbell and her fairy friends movie, they opened a new meet 'n great at the Magic Kingdom.  It's inside the Judges Tent in Toontown.

I think there are 5 fairy friends in all.  We met 2 of them.  The yellow one is the sun fairy.  The peachy one is the ... shoot, I can't remember.  She's the "southern belle" fairy.  She had a huge southern accent.  My the flower petal looking skirt, I'm going to guess she's the flower fairy.

How cute are Tinker Bells's shoes?



Yesterday we spent Thanksgiving at Jonathan's grandpa's house.  We also celebrated his Aunt Barbera's birthday.  She's 90!  And she's not your average 90 year old - she still drives and is really active in the community.

Aunt Barbera made all us girls (there were 10 of us - various cousins of Jonathan's) knitted hats.  And they are super cute!

So THANK YOU Aunt Barbera!


Luigi's Garage

Disney's Hollywood Studios finally took Lighting McQueen and Mater off the streets, and into their own meet 'n greet location.
It's back behind the Muppet 4D movie, back where Andy's Toy Barn used to be (Buzz and Woody are now over by Toy Story Mania).

It's a cool little meet and greet area.  Although it's awkward to meet and greet with a car.   Uhhhhhh ... Hi Mater!

I with they made more Cars characters.  Especially Guido.  He's a cutie.


YouTube Tuesdays

I don't really expect anybody to watch this (it's a really long clip_, but it was the greatest sporting event I've ever been to.

The details are kind-of fuzzy, but back in 2002 I saw the Bears vs. Browns.  The Browns were just dominating the entire game.

Midway thru the 3rd quarter, pretty much every fan had left Soldier Field.

If I remember correctly, the Bears scored a pretty meaningless touchdown with about 1 minute to play.  There were down by 7.  Being down by 7 isn't getting crushed, but you weren't at this game.  It was a crushing.  The Browns should've been up by about 100.

So the Bears, of course, try for the onside kick ... and they get it!  Hey, they could tie this thing.
With 0 time on the clock, they tie it!  It was some miraculous catch, and it was insane!

Then, at the opening kick off of OT, they scored again.  I can't remember who or why, but it was another crazy play.  I think it was an interception and a run back.

Either way, the Bears scored 21 points in about 1 1/2 minutes.  It was just nuts.

All 1000 fans that were left at the game were jumping up and down and screaming.  Seriously, we walked out of our seats screaming and high fiving everybody.  Walking out to our car, everybody is still screaming and high fiving everybody.

It was just a crazy atmosphere, and I'll never ever forget it.  I still have newspaper clipping from this game.

Let this be a lesson - never, EVER leave a sporting event early.  You never know if you'll see something miraculous.


American Idol

I snapped this photo at Disney's Hollywood Studios the other day.  

Looks like this new show is shaping up!  I'm still kind-of confused on how it works.  Not that I'll be auditioning any time soon!  


Mmmmmmm ... frosty!

So I was watching the Bengals vs. Steelers game last night on the NFL network.

One of the Bengals player is named Frostee.  And, yes, according to Wikipedia, that's his real name.


Jackpot at the thrift store

In Illinois, one of my favorite things to do is go to the thrift stores.

I've found some great stuff there, from Empire Strikes Back bed sheets, to Victoria Secret PJ bottoms (which I'm wearing right now).
Now, I've had this Chicago Bears hat forever.  I'm assuming I stole it from my brother.  I'm guessing it's from the 80s or early 90s.

When Julie and I hit the thrift stores in early October, I went right to the bed sheet section.  I was hoping to find some retro looking sheets, that I could turn into a skirt or something.
I found his scarf in the bed sheet section.  I saw the orange and blue and I thought, "this could be a cool Bears scarf".

Then I picked it up, flipped it around and notice the patch.  I almost peed my pants.  It's the same stupid Bears patch!!!  

It's a set, and I found it 10+ years later.  I couldn't believe it.  It's a miracle!


Robot Chicken

Jonathan and I recorded the Star Wars Robot Chicken episode.  I've never seen the show before, although I have heard of it.  I also think Seth Green is pretty hot.  I also enjoy all things Star Wars.

Am I just old, or is Robot Chicken not funny at all?


YouTube Tuesdays

This song is 100% real.  It is on an Eddie Murphy CD from the '80s.  Well, back in the '80s it was on a tape.

My friend Julie had the tape, and this was our favorite song on it.  This video is not real (some yahoo on You Tube made it), but the song is real - no joke!

Julie actually still has the tape!  We wanted to listen to it at her '80s party, but nobody had a tape player!

Even though the song is called "Boogie in your Butt", it's not a gross or nasty song.  It's just goofy.  Give it a listen!



I scheduled our trip to Illinois to coincide with a noon Bears game.  Julie and her family occasionally have rockin' Bears parties that I've heard so much about.

Dennis, Julie's dad, grilled a fantastic roast.  He started at 9am!  Notice Jonathan is wearing jeans and a winter coat, and Dennis is wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  Those crazy Illinois-ians!

I've played bags (or cornhole) before, and I wasn't very good.  I played on a plastic board before.  Mitch (Julie's husband) had a really nice bags set, made of wood.

I realized that I can dominate a bags game!  Julie's brother and I won 3 games in a row.  I even got 3 out of 4 bags in the hole one round.  I was pretty proud of that (until Mitch got 4 of 4 in and shut me up big time).

Notice the 3 orange bags 1/2 way in the hole.  These are beanbags thown from about 30 feet away.  I would say it's impossible to get 3 stuck in the hole like this ... but Julie's brother manage to do it!


YouTube Tuesdays

My favorite song of all time!  It also happens to come with a kick butt music video.


The Bean!

I'm a little behind on my vacation blogging.
Jonathan and I were in Chicago on 10/3.  He had never been there before, and I hadn't been back to the city since I moved away.

I was most excited to see "the bean".  I forgot what it's really called.  Cloud something?  

Anyways, it's kind-of a famous landmark, and I'm a total sucker when it comes to cheese ball landmarks!
You can see how cold it was outside (in the 50's!  Gasp!).  The bean was super cool.  I'm typical Amber fashion, we got lost trying to find it.


More digi scrapping

I just wanted to show off more of my digital scrapbook pages.
I still am thinking about how to print them out and put them in a scrapbook.  Maybe blurb.com or something similar.
All my stuff is from Britt-ish designs or free stuff from Ikea Goddess.  Love those websites!


YouTube Tuesdays

At work I need to call guests on occasion.  You know those cell phones who ask you to "please enjoy the music while your party is reached."

Never mind that I RARELY enjoy the music ... but somebody's music was Chocolate Rain!  How totally random!

Plus, one of my friends had never heard of Chocolate Rain!  Hello, 2007 called!  (ha!)


Halloween is over ...

... on to Christmas!

I went to Wal-mart this morning at 9am and there was Christmas music blasting over the loud speaker.

Bring it on!


Happy Halloween!

There are some extra Halloween decorations at the Magic Kingdom this year.
Up near the castle there is the Walt & Mickey partners statue.  Around the statue is a circle with greenery and benches.
There are 4 'bronze' statues of the Fab 5 (minus Mickey).
Here are photos of Donald and Minnie.  I think their pumpkins might light up at night ... cool!


Look who else I saw at the Rays game!

As Jonathan and I were leaving the Rays game, we ran into this guy.

It's Brian Knobs, otherwise known as Nasty Knobs, otherwise known as The Nasty Boys!
If you're still not following, he was a WWE wrestler.

Honestly, I don't remember him very much, but he's a huge Rays fan.  He was at game 1 (with Hulk Hogan - a Tampa resident) and he was at game 6.  I debated asking him for a photo, but he was walking with his wife and friend, so I felt kind-of weird.

Plus, this guy is HUGE!!!

Notice his rockin' Rayshawk.  Sexy!


YouTube Tuesdays

A week or so ago, Jonathan and I went to game 6 of the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox series.

Before the game they showed this short movie on the big screen.  I thought it was pretty funny!  Check out his homemade Rays t-shirt.


Digi Scraping

I've been scrapbooking for about 10 years now.  I enjoyed doing it, and I really enjoyed looking at the finished products (and remembering stuff I did).

Recently I've fallen into a creative slump.  I actually didn't want to scrapbook because it just took too long.  I wanted results, but I couldn't produce results.

Then I discovered digital scrapbooking.  It RULES!  It's 100X faster, it's easier, and most importantly it's less expensive.  All the paper and stickers and ribbon and other stuff I used to buy are all downloadable and FREE!  Now, you can pay for stuff, but there is tons of free stuff out there.

My favorite "give me free stuff" website:  www.ikeagoddess.blogspot.com.  I check out her blog daily.

My favorite "I might eventually pay money for this" designer is Britt-ish Designs.  Her funky style rocks!  I love everything she does.  Plus she loves Disney.  Basically, I want to be her cyber friend.
Here are some of the layouts I've created:



Look who I ran into at the Rays game!

Please excuse the silly look on my face - but I met an ESPN celebrity at the Rays game on 10/18/08.

It's Tim Kurkjian (pronouced Ker-chin) - an ESPN baseball analyst.

He was just wandering around the 300 level.  I saw some guy shake his hand and I thought, "that guy looks familiar?!?"

I told Jonathan that I found Lee Corso!  Wait, that's the old guy on College Game Day.  It's Karl Ravich!  Actually, no - it was Tim Kurkjian.  Thankfully Jonathan knew his name.  I knew he was familiar, but I couldn't get my ESPN guys straight in my head.

We walked behind him for about 4 minutes until practically nobody else was around.  I said, "excuse me Mr. Kurkjian?" and he turned around.

I asked if I could get a photo taken with him, and he was so nice!  He said, "sure!".  Then he shook Jonathan's hand and my hand.

Take note that I am about 5' tall.  Which means Tim Kurkjian is only about 5'5".


YouTube Tuesdays

A month ago Jonathan and I went to see Nick Swardson at the Hard Rock in Orlando.  Somebody managed to get a camera/video camera in the arena and took this video.  I honestly haven't watched it, and it is kind-of long, but maybe you'll enjoy it!

You may recognize Nick Swardson from the movie Grandma's Boy, Click, Blades of Glory, Reno 911 (TV show & movie) and more.  He had a slight potty mouth, but he was still hilarious.

And, seriously, if Hard Rock paid everybody $100 to sit in their seats and not get up and buy drinks every 5 minutes, I think Jonathan and I would've been the only ones to walk out of the joint with $100.


Wilderness Lodge

Long story short, I got a free room night at any Disney resort! I picked the Wilderness Lodge, so we could walk over to Fort Wilderness Campground and go to the outdoor movies. After I booked a room, I realized I could upgrade (again - for free!) to a one bedroom villa.
This sucker was huge! A bedroom, a huge bathroom, living room and a full kitchen. We used absolutely none of the features, but it was a sweet room non the less
We also found tons of Hidden Mickeys!

Here was our 21 hour vacation:
2-3pm - Property Control (found a necklace I really wanted for 75% off!)
3-4pm - Check in and walk around the room
4-5pm - Walk over to Fort Wilderness
5-6pm - Eat at Trails End
6-7pm - Waddle back to our hotel room (actually, we took the boat)
7-8pm -
Swimming! I haven't been swimming in FOREVER. Jonathan hates swimming (b/c he hates getting sunburned), so I was really excited when he agreed to go swimming at Wilderness Lodge
8-10pm - Monsters, Inc. at Fort Wilderness
10pm-9am - Sleep
9am - Check out. :0(


Blue Man Group

My friend Melanie won 40 tickets - you read that right - to the Blue Man Group.

I guess she won them off a radio contest. After the show we got to meet one of the Blue Men!

I really wanted to ask him some questions, but he stayed in character the entire time, meaning he was silent and kind-of creepy.
The show overall was really cool! I guess I'm glad I didn't pay $80 for my ticket, but I really enjoyed myself. I don't want to say much about the show, because I don't want to ruin anything ... but the show is ANYTHING but unpredictable. Just don't be late for the show, or you may get picked on.


YouTube Tuesdays

In honor of the Tampa Bay Rays making the playoffs for the FIRST TIME ever, here is a You Tube movie I made of the Rays Fan Fest before the season started.

Go Rays!


Feel the heat ... Rays!

Last Friday Jonathan and I went to the opening game of the American League Championship Series (fancy word for - winner goes to the World Series).

We won tickets on ebay.  Even though we paid 400% over the normal price, it was still worth it.  It was a fun game ... even though the Rays lost.  They didn't even score a run!

I got to show off my 44cents Rays t-shirt I bought at a thrift store in Illinois.

The game started at 8:36pm.  Over around 12:15am.  Home by 2:30am!

I hope the Rays can beat Boston, make it to the World Series, and maybe I can buy more tickets.  This time, hopefully, at normal price.


An open letter to Dianner Navarro.

Dear Dianner Navarro,

I really owe you an apology.

During the '06 & '07 Tampa Bay Devil Rays (they were the D. Rays back then) season, I had a lot of mean things to say about you.

Maybe you were a great defensive catcher, but you really stunk at the plate.  I went to a lot of Rays game those 2 seasons, and I never saw you get a hit.  You were barely batting .200.  I could never understand why you were playing.  I yelled at you a lot, and since nobody was at the Rays games, you could probably hear me ... even though I was sitting in the outfield in the cheap seats.  You grounded out every at bat, and I always let you have it.

Well, this '08 season you've proved me wrong.  For the first 1/2 of the season you batted well above .300.  You made the All Star team, and you weren't the pitty All Star (b/c every team has to have an all star representative).  I was actually thrilled when you would come up to bat, because I knew we had a great chance of getting some runs.

So Dionner Navarro, or Navi as I like to call you, I sincerely apologize.

No hard feelings,


You Man!

Remember I mentioned the "You Man" photo a couple posts back? The "You Man" originated with Julie and her brother Tom (I think?). The phrase comes from the baseball movie Major League. Julie and Tom both posed for a photo saying "Yoooooou Man" and pointing at the camera. Somehow, our family got involved and now we do it when ever we can!

Here are a couple more examples:

For some reason I'm the only one doing the You Man here. I'm also sporting overalls and a sweater. Not a great fashion year for me. This was right before Corey and Tom (Julie's brother) went to senior prom.

Here we are again (all saying "You Man!" this time) at Corey and Tom's high school graduation.


YouTube Tuesdays

I love this commercial!!!  Plus, it actually won an emmy.  Which makes me think pretty much anything can win an emmy


Totally Radical!

Julie already downloaded some photo from the '80s party!

Here is the entire group taking the traditional YOU MAN photo. It's a family tradition ... long story ...

For some reason we're doing a kick line. From left to right is Jonathan, Julie, me and my broth er Corey. Jean shorts or "jorts" as everybody calls them were very popular.

Here is Julie and her husband Mitch slow dancing - '80s style! Mitch was dressed up a little Bret Michaels and a little Miami Vice.

Balderdash!!! From bottom left: Tom (Julie's brother), Jonathan, me, Jeremy (Julie's other brother), Mitch and my brother Corey. When I was in 2nd grade Julie's family moved in across the street. Julie and I are the same age, and Tom & Corey are the same age. Jeremy is in the middle. They are pretty much my 2nd family. And Corey spends a lot of time with them b/c our parents live so far away.


Totally Tubular!

Last night (until 2am - yes, I stayed up until 2am!) my friend Julie hosted a party for my brother's 27th birthday. It was an '80s party. Unfortunatly Jonathan and I aren't really party animals, so we didn't come prepared with any '80s gear.

Thankfully, I had packed a cheesy '80s looking Kwaj t-shirt to wear. It was a size small. Since Julie let me borrow a polka dot tank top with bows all over it, Jonathan tried on my Kwaj t-shirt. It fit him like a glove ... a really tight glove. So Jonathan's got on the tightest t-shirt ever, and a mullet wig. The wig didn't last 10 minutes b/c he claims it was itchy. Jonathan was pretty sexy with a mullet! All the girls at the party sported side pony tails.

I discovered the wonderful game of Balderdash! It's hilarious. My cheeks were killing me the rest of the night from laughing. It's easy to play, but hard to understand. Basically, the person who's turn it is has a card. He reads a movie title from the card, like FANGS. Then everybody around the table makes up a quick synopsis (sp?) of this movie FANGS. For example: A small town in Nebraska is infested by tree snakes // A NYC Cop is actually a vampire and learns to love again // An unpopular teen turns into a wherwolf and learns to play basketball ...

These 'answers' are all read outloud, and you have to pick the real one. The person who was 'it' has the real answer on the card. Everybody at the table tries to pick the real synopsis of the movie FANGS out of all the fake ones. Again, it's fun to play but hard to explain via blog. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you check it out. It's a great game for about 4-7 people.

Today it's off to the thrift stores!!! Jonathan is really excited - not!


Sweet home ...

... Chicago!

Jonathan and I flew in to Chicago tonight. We landed at 9pm and we arrived at my friend's house at 10:20pm.

We have to wake up tomorrow at 6:45am in order to catch the train to Chicago! Tomorrow my friend who I'm staying with (Julie - check out her blog here) and my brother have to work, so I'm going to show Jonathan around Chicago. Not that I'm a great tour guide, I've only been there a handfull of times myself.

I've never seen that "bean", so I'm pretty excited.

Then we're celebrating my brother's b-day tomorrow night. Julie is throwing him an '80s party!

Good night!


YouTube Tuesdays

Go Rays!!!!!

The Tampa Bay Rays made the playoffs for the first time EVER.

In honor of them, here is a You Tube video I made about the Tampa Bay Rays fan fest Jonathan and I attended before the season began.  I bet next years fan fest will be a mad house!


Restaurant Review: Trails End

Over the weekend Jonathan and I dined at Trails End.  Jonathan just LOVES this place.

Normally I'm not a fan of Disney buffets.  I just can't stand spending $30+ on one meal.  There is no way I'm eating $30 worth of food.  (Side note - our weekly grocery bill for 2 is only about $40-50).  Plus, every time I leave a buffet I feel totally sick.  One time, I ate at Tusker House (at Animal Kingdom), and I litterally didn't eat a full meal for 36 hours later.  I think I'm turning into a snake in my old ate.

Back to Trails End ... it's only $19/person to eat there, so I can almost stomach paying that price.  Plus the food is really good.  Jonathan ate 4 pieces of fried chicken.  They also have ribs, buffalo sausage, salad, mashed potatos, mac 'n cheese, some guy cutting some sort of fancy meat (that neither of us had) and desserts!

Magical, magical desserts!  They added something new - an ice cream sundae (sp?) station!!!  They had soft serve ice cream and tons of available toppings - including Gummy Bears!  I'm a huge 'gummy' fan.  I had a delicious cookie/ice cream sandwich for dessert.
Good times.



So I'm outside planting some plants and throwing mulch around, when Jonathan says, 'come here!'

I figured he wanted me to help him with fixing 2 sprinkler heads.

Instead he shows me a SNAKE SKIN on the yard!  I know snakes are around, but I don't want to think about it, see one, or know about it.

This is a month after Jonathan tells me this story:  He's mowing the lawn (push mower) and he sees something.  But it's too late, he's run it over with the lawn mower.  As he looks behind him, he sees a headless snake flopping around.  He came inside to show me (seriously?!?), but the snake head and body are gone.  We're assuming another animal ate it.



RIP: Wonderful World of Memories

I was at Downtown Disney last night and the Wonderful World of Memories store is closed!

This was the store behind the Christmas Store.  They sold wonderful scrapbook supplies and books.

The sign said it will be re-opening in Fall 2008 (soon!) as the "Make your own t-shirt" store, sponsored by Hanes.

Sounds pretty cool, but I'll miss the original store.


YouTube Tuesdays

This clip is from the movie Open Season.  Boog, the bear, has been living in a house his entire life, going to the bathroom in the toilet.

Now he's stuck in the real wilderness, and he has to go #2.  He's asking his friend, Elliot the deer, how and where he goes to the bathroom.

Sounds stupid and childish, but it's just so darn cute!


Google this again!

If you have a blog, I highly suggest you sign up for Google Analytics (sp?).

If I spelled "analytics" correctly, then that link should work.  Doh!

Basically it counts how many people views your blog per day, where they are from ... all sorts of data points!

Did you know that almost 20 people read my blog per day?  Who are you?!?  Leave me a comment, b/c I'm just curious.


Elevator Ettiquete

Did I spell "ettiquete" wrong?  I'm guessing I did.

Seriously - did some people in my office building never visit a 2 story building before?  Welcome to the world of elevators!  They are magical creatures.

Maybe I'm just being a jerk, but I find it so annoying (and rude) when I'm standing there, waiting for an elevator, and somebody rushes up and stands right in front of the door.

#1 - you just cut in front of me (and I'm the only one standing here)

#2 - it's a big elevator, we're both going to fit

#3 - people have to get off the elevator, so give them some freaking room!

This happens every day.  When I get off the elevator, I always have to say "excuse me" to somebody who's rushing to get in the elevator.  Can't you wait 2 seconds?

And this isn't some college dorm room elevator (I always remember those 'vators were super crowded and you always had to wait for one forever).  We've got 3 elevators in my office building, and they are NEVER full.  Normally when I press the button, an empty one opens immediatly.

Trust me, I'm all for rushing to get to places (I'm a fast walker), but give us elevator riders a break.


YouTube Tuesdays

I'm stealing an idea from my co-worker (www.johninorlando.com).  He does a "Manic Monday" blog every ... you guessed it ... Monday.  It's always some silly photo or moronic video.  It's great stuff!

So I've decided to also have a "thing".  I call mine {YouTube Tuesdays}.

I saw this clip while watching the Arizona Cardinals thrash the Miami Dolphins.

Check out this guy's 66" vertical leap!  That's 6 inches TALLER than me!  You go Adrian Wilson.



RIP to the Adventure's Club, which will close in a couple weeks.
I finally convinced Jonathan to check it out, and we've really enjoyed ourselves at the Adventure's Club.  I only wish we found out about it sooner so we could've bought the cheese-ball plastic cups shaped like a moose head (just like the one hanging on the wall).
If you've never been to the Adventure's Club it's a small, circular room, with 3 smaller rooms off to the side.  Every so often there are comedy skits in the smaller rooms.  Every night at 8pm (when they open) they teach everybody the official Adventure's Club song, wave and the cheer KONGALUSH!!!
Hopefully we'll have one more time to go back before it closes for good.