Happy Memorial Day!

Today (Monday, 5/29) is my first full day off work (for vacation, not weekends) all year! How pathetic is that? Maybe my dedication will look good as I interview for a managerial job at Disney. But I digress ...

Over the weekend Jonathan and I went to MGM for Star Wars weekends (again!) and saw a movie (also again!) Here are some photos from Star Wars weekends:

Storm Troopers guard the front gates of the park. At 9am they release the "force field" and allow us all in the park (to frantically run like crazy to the place where you get a ticket for the autograph sessions later in the day).

Warwick Davis (Wicket the Ewok) is the host of the afternoon talk show. Look at the proportions of his cute little chair! The kid on the left is Jake Lloyd. He was young Anikan (sp?) Skywalker in Episode I.

Matthew Wood was the voice of General Grevious in Episode III and also some of the clone droids.


Pictures from last weekend.

Saturday: Spent most of the day at Disney MGM studios for Star Wars weekends. We met Rick McCullum. He was the producer (or director?) of Star Wars episodes I, II and III. He was a really cool guy. He mentioned that they were almost done making Indiana Jones 4

Sunday: Went to Downtown Disney to see MI3 and got a nice surprise! The Cars nationwide tour had stopped in Orlando. Lightning McQueen and Sally were there. We also got free movie posters!


Summer Movies: 2 down, 3 to go

Jonathan and I saw Mission Impossible 3 this afternoon. It was just like everybody is describing it: non stop action. I rememeber the 1st 2 films totally confused me, but I held on through out this movie until the very end. Then I got a tad confused. :0) Over all it was worth my money!

We also had fun saying, "It's that the guy from ...? It's that they chick from ...?"



That's how much I paid for 5 Chick-fil-a sandwiches today. They were having some kind-of sale. I think each sandwich was $.79 or something. The limit was 5 per person. When I made my order the cashier mentioned that they were almost out of food! Now I have to figure out a way to freeze/store the 4 left over sandwiches.


Flower Power!

As part of the Epcot Flower and Garden festival, they have nightly concert appropriatly named "Flower Power".

Last Tuesday I dragged Jonathan to see The Association. All I knew about them was that they sang my 2nd favorite oldie of all time "Windy" (my all time favorite old is "Tears of a Clown"). Who's creeping down the streets of the city // Smiling at everybody she sees // Who's reaching down to capture a rainbow // Everyone knows it's Windy .... bum, bum, bum, bum, bum ... And Windy has stormy eyes // That capture the sound of (something) // etc ...

They also sang 3 other songs I recognized, which surprized me. If I remember correctly, they sang "Cherish", and ... I already forgot.

Saturday night we saw Davy Jones. This was the 3rd Davy Jones concert we've been to at Epcot. We waited in line and got front row seats! He's always entertaining; he sang all the classic Monkees songs.

Last night we saw The Tokens. Their only real hit was "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". They sang their other hit song from the 60's (which I didn't recognize), and they sang a bunch of covers. It was cool how the lead singer could still hit those really, really high notes!


Summer Movies: 1 down, 4 to go.

Jonathan and I saw POSEIDEN on Saturday afternoon. I loved it! He commented, "you never took your eyes off the screen." It was kind-of supenseful on a 'who will live, who will die?' sort of way. There are a couple suprizes thrown in.

The only way it's like the original (which rocks by the way - check it out!) is the whole boat turning over thing. The characters and the ending are totally different.

I think I liked the original a tad more for it's character development, and it was much more emotional because so many more people died. This new one had me a little confused on who the characters where, why were they on that boat in the first place, why should I care about them and where did that giant wave come from? This new version had way more action sequences, and these new people seems to have many, many more challenges to overcome.

I think it's worth the $6 (or what ever it costs to see a movie in your town).


PIE ...

... not for me. :0(

I didn't win the Partners in Excellence award. I'm kind-of bummed, but I didn't really expect to win. I never did find out who nominated me. Hopefully I'll be nominated again, so I can try again! One person from DVC member services won - my manager. He told me he had been nominated 7 times!

At least Jonathan won, so I can enjoy the banquet. I've heard it's super fancy. Time to plan an outfit!



Jonathan and I stalked the Cars at MGM all weekend (we went on Saturday, but they were already gone, so we had to go back on Sunday). They were adorable!

The red one is Lightning McQueen. He's a race car.

The rusty, funky toothed one is Mater. He's a beat up Tow Truck.


Good times at MGM . . .

. . . NOT!

Thursday night I had an overtime shift at MGM from 7:45-9:45pm. My regular job ends at 7pm, so I had just a little time to run home, wolf down some food, change and drive to MGM.

Somewhere along the way I dropped my lanyard with my Disney ID.

When I got to MGM (time check: 7:45pm) I noticed it was gone. I was hoping I could still work with out it. I was wrong!

I had my drivers licence, my maingate (Disney employee ticket pass) and a credit card (all with my name on it). The male security guard was a total jerk and wouldn't even look at those things. He just made me call my manager (who is already at home) or anybody else who I thought could help me (time check: 8pm).

I paged her and she called me back (from the super market - I felt like such an ass!) (time check: 8:15pm). The security guard (by now there are 3 security guards all hanging out. I asked if one of them could walk me back to where I was supposed to work, so I could appologize to the guy in charge. "No", they crankily yelled.

My manager tried to call "access control" (to tell them I was a legal employee), but of course that didn't work, b/c she doesn't work for MGM Studios. She called me back with the bad news (time check: 8:30pm).

I was just standing there staring at the security guards with a "what now?" look on my face. The guy had left, so the ladies all of a sudden got a change of heart, and drove me back to where I was supposed to work (time check: 8:5opm). When we pulled up to the area, everybody was already leaving. The shift was just ending!!!

Luckily the guy in charge (who I had been trying to page, with no luck), was standing there. I appologized and asked if I would not have a point on my record card. He's a cool guy, so I don't think I'll be penalized.

As I was walking back to my car, I found my lanyard and ID about 10 yards from my front door.

Hey, at least I got home in time to watch the 2nd half of CSI!


Happy Anniversary . . .

. . . to my mom and dad . . . yesterday! Since I'm 30, I think that makes this their 32nd wedding anniversary. I would bet some money that they both forgot ... Mom?


Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

This weekend Jonathan and I hung out at Epcot. For the next month they are hosting the Flower and Garden Festival.

This topiary "Donald and Daisy's tunnel of love" is at the front of the park.
As we walked around the park we stumbled upon a Gary Pucket concert. He sang "young girl, get out of my mind (?) ... my love for you is way out of (line?) (I don't know all the words!) ... better run girl ... you're much too young girl." I didn't really recognize any of his other songs, but he had a great voice!

Later in the month we plan to see The Association, The Tokens, Davy Jones and others.

In one of the countries they had a kids play area. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be Chicken Little and his dad (from the recent Disney movie), but it sure is cute!