I met Tinker Bell!

I think the title is pretty self explanatory.

Although I've never mastered spelling "Tinker Bell".  Is that correct?  "Tinkerbell?"  "Tinkerbelle?"

Either way, since 
Disney made that new Tinkerbell and her fairy friends movie, they opened a new meet 'n great at the Magic Kingdom.  It's inside the Judges Tent in Toontown.

I think there are 5 fairy friends in all.  We met 2 of them.  The yellow one is the sun fairy.  The peachy one is the ... shoot, I can't remember.  She's the "southern belle" fairy.  She had a huge southern accent.  My the flower petal looking skirt, I'm going to guess she's the flower fairy.

How cute are Tinker Bells's shoes?



Yesterday we spent Thanksgiving at Jonathan's grandpa's house.  We also celebrated his Aunt Barbera's birthday.  She's 90!  And she's not your average 90 year old - she still drives and is really active in the community.

Aunt Barbera made all us girls (there were 10 of us - various cousins of Jonathan's) knitted hats.  And they are super cute!

So THANK YOU Aunt Barbera!


Luigi's Garage

Disney's Hollywood Studios finally took Lighting McQueen and Mater off the streets, and into their own meet 'n greet location.
It's back behind the Muppet 4D movie, back where Andy's Toy Barn used to be (Buzz and Woody are now over by Toy Story Mania).

It's a cool little meet and greet area.  Although it's awkward to meet and greet with a car.   Uhhhhhh ... Hi Mater!

I with they made more Cars characters.  Especially Guido.  He's a cutie.


YouTube Tuesdays

I don't really expect anybody to watch this (it's a really long clip_, but it was the greatest sporting event I've ever been to.

The details are kind-of fuzzy, but back in 2002 I saw the Bears vs. Browns.  The Browns were just dominating the entire game.

Midway thru the 3rd quarter, pretty much every fan had left Soldier Field.

If I remember correctly, the Bears scored a pretty meaningless touchdown with about 1 minute to play.  There were down by 7.  Being down by 7 isn't getting crushed, but you weren't at this game.  It was a crushing.  The Browns should've been up by about 100.

So the Bears, of course, try for the onside kick ... and they get it!  Hey, they could tie this thing.
With 0 time on the clock, they tie it!  It was some miraculous catch, and it was insane!

Then, at the opening kick off of OT, they scored again.  I can't remember who or why, but it was another crazy play.  I think it was an interception and a run back.

Either way, the Bears scored 21 points in about 1 1/2 minutes.  It was just nuts.

All 1000 fans that were left at the game were jumping up and down and screaming.  Seriously, we walked out of our seats screaming and high fiving everybody.  Walking out to our car, everybody is still screaming and high fiving everybody.

It was just a crazy atmosphere, and I'll never ever forget it.  I still have newspaper clipping from this game.

Let this be a lesson - never, EVER leave a sporting event early.  You never know if you'll see something miraculous.


American Idol

I snapped this photo at Disney's Hollywood Studios the other day.  

Looks like this new show is shaping up!  I'm still kind-of confused on how it works.  Not that I'll be auditioning any time soon!  


Mmmmmmm ... frosty!

So I was watching the Bengals vs. Steelers game last night on the NFL network.

One of the Bengals player is named Frostee.  And, yes, according to Wikipedia, that's his real name.


Jackpot at the thrift store

In Illinois, one of my favorite things to do is go to the thrift stores.

I've found some great stuff there, from Empire Strikes Back bed sheets, to Victoria Secret PJ bottoms (which I'm wearing right now).
Now, I've had this Chicago Bears hat forever.  I'm assuming I stole it from my brother.  I'm guessing it's from the 80s or early 90s.

When Julie and I hit the thrift stores in early October, I went right to the bed sheet section.  I was hoping to find some retro looking sheets, that I could turn into a skirt or something.
I found his scarf in the bed sheet section.  I saw the orange and blue and I thought, "this could be a cool Bears scarf".

Then I picked it up, flipped it around and notice the patch.  I almost peed my pants.  It's the same stupid Bears patch!!!  

It's a set, and I found it 10+ years later.  I couldn't believe it.  It's a miracle!


Robot Chicken

Jonathan and I recorded the Star Wars Robot Chicken episode.  I've never seen the show before, although I have heard of it.  I also think Seth Green is pretty hot.  I also enjoy all things Star Wars.

Am I just old, or is Robot Chicken not funny at all?


YouTube Tuesdays

This song is 100% real.  It is on an Eddie Murphy CD from the '80s.  Well, back in the '80s it was on a tape.

My friend Julie had the tape, and this was our favorite song on it.  This video is not real (some yahoo on You Tube made it), but the song is real - no joke!

Julie actually still has the tape!  We wanted to listen to it at her '80s party, but nobody had a tape player!

Even though the song is called "Boogie in your Butt", it's not a gross or nasty song.  It's just goofy.  Give it a listen!



I scheduled our trip to Illinois to coincide with a noon Bears game.  Julie and her family occasionally have rockin' Bears parties that I've heard so much about.

Dennis, Julie's dad, grilled a fantastic roast.  He started at 9am!  Notice Jonathan is wearing jeans and a winter coat, and Dennis is wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  Those crazy Illinois-ians!

I've played bags (or cornhole) before, and I wasn't very good.  I played on a plastic board before.  Mitch (Julie's husband) had a really nice bags set, made of wood.

I realized that I can dominate a bags game!  Julie's brother and I won 3 games in a row.  I even got 3 out of 4 bags in the hole one round.  I was pretty proud of that (until Mitch got 4 of 4 in and shut me up big time).

Notice the 3 orange bags 1/2 way in the hole.  These are beanbags thown from about 30 feet away.  I would say it's impossible to get 3 stuck in the hole like this ... but Julie's brother manage to do it!


YouTube Tuesdays

My favorite song of all time!  It also happens to come with a kick butt music video.


The Bean!

I'm a little behind on my vacation blogging.
Jonathan and I were in Chicago on 10/3.  He had never been there before, and I hadn't been back to the city since I moved away.

I was most excited to see "the bean".  I forgot what it's really called.  Cloud something?  

Anyways, it's kind-of a famous landmark, and I'm a total sucker when it comes to cheese ball landmarks!
You can see how cold it was outside (in the 50's!  Gasp!).  The bean was super cool.  I'm typical Amber fashion, we got lost trying to find it.


More digi scrapping

I just wanted to show off more of my digital scrapbook pages.
I still am thinking about how to print them out and put them in a scrapbook.  Maybe blurb.com or something similar.
All my stuff is from Britt-ish designs or free stuff from Ikea Goddess.  Love those websites!


YouTube Tuesdays

At work I need to call guests on occasion.  You know those cell phones who ask you to "please enjoy the music while your party is reached."

Never mind that I RARELY enjoy the music ... but somebody's music was Chocolate Rain!  How totally random!

Plus, one of my friends had never heard of Chocolate Rain!  Hello, 2007 called!  (ha!)


Halloween is over ...

... on to Christmas!

I went to Wal-mart this morning at 9am and there was Christmas music blasting over the loud speaker.

Bring it on!