Awesome movie!!!

Jonathan and I just got home from seeing the movie Invincable. It was super! They ended the movie at a perfect time - I was speechless. If you love football, you'll love this movie! If you don't like football, you might like this movie a little bit!

The best part was the very end, where they show real footage of Vince Papale playing. Did I mention it was awesome?

Go, go, go!


I like it hot, hot, hot!

So I came home the other day, and my air conditioning had turned itself off. It was 89 degrees in my apartment! I guess there is a little tray, and when it fills up with water, the a/c shuts off. 89 doesn't sound that bad, but in a little tiny apartment it was sweltering! * * * * Why won't blogger allow me to use the 'enter' key?!?


Summer movies: 5 down, 0 to go

I finally saw all 5 summer movies I set out to see!

And I saved the best for last. Snakes on a Plane was awesome!!!

You may be surprised to learn that it actually had a plot. It was both scary and funny. And I even got a little misty eyed during one scene.

I love movies where there is a huge cast of characters, and since this movie was filmed on a plane, you got to know about 1/2 the people on board. It was fun to guess who would live and who wouldn't.

If you google "snakes on a plane t-shirts", there are hilarious products for sale. Check out these beauties:

I can't recommend this movie enough! It's super fun, and I can't wait to buy it on DVD!!!


RIP - Jonathan's shoes

Jonathan's had these brown sandals since I met him. They've been slowly falling apart ever since. He tells met that he's had them since college (2000?).

On Sunday morning, before we left to meet Terry and John they officially fell apart. As you can see in the pictures, he did have a back up pair (that he bought the same time as the originals), but they aren't as comfortable (b/c they aren't broken in yet!). See his nerdy socks with the sandals? Poor guy.

The shoes are sitting, alone, in his apartment complex's dumpster.


Survey says ... (part II)

[i know]: how to graph like a champion
[i want]: a house
[i have]:
[i wish]: on train tracks
[i hate]: people who can't read directions
[i miss]: Disneyland
[i fear]: people I love dying
[i hear]: Futurama
[i search]: for junk on ebay
[i love]: Jonathan
[i care]: about my future family
[i always]: drink milk
[i dance]: home alone
[i sleep]: very well!
[i cry]: during The Notebook
[i do not always]: wear my engagement ring
[i write]: on this blog every other day
[i confuse]: Andy sometimes
[i can usually be found]: on my pink bean bag chair
[i need]: some healthy food


Survey says . . . (part I)

(also stolen from Monica)

[my name is]: Amber Lyn Cavender (Howald <-- that sounds weird)
[in the morning i am]: bouncy, I never hit snooze
[love is]: super fun!
[i dream about]: math

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-
[what do you notice first?]: teeth and shoes
[last person u slow danced with]: a guy named Eric Estrada (for real!) at a wedding

-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-
[you talked to on the phone]: Jonathan
[hugged:] Jonathan
[you instant messaged]: Jonathan's (cute) brother
[you laughed with]: Futurama

-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-
[could you live without the computer?]: I have before, but it's pretty boring
[what's your favorite food?]: currently I'm loving blueberries
[whats ur favorite fruit?]: I should've read this before - blueberries
[what hurts the most?] my legs during the marathon
[trust others way too easily?]: I rarely trust anybody

-N U M B E R-
[of times i have had my heart broken?]: 1
[of hearts i have broken?]: 1
[of tight friends?]: I really don't have many "tight" friends
[of cd's that i own?]: 50 ish
[of scars on my body?]: nothing big
[of things in my past that i regret?]: I'm sure there are small things, but nothing I can think of


Find of the century!

One thing I discovered about Illinois is the abundance (sp?) of rockin' thift stores! I need to find some in Florida that aren't gross.

Here's the find of the century from a thift store. Total cost for a fitted and flat sheet = $3.

Now I need to buy a twin bed and become a 8 year old boy. (ha ha ha).

P.S. For the non-Star Wars fan, these are from Empire Strikes back.


Hiromi's Wedding

In keeping with the theme of the month, 'weddings', here are some photos from last Sunday. My 2 friends, Hiromi and Mike (who I kind-of matched together) got married. It was a very small ceremoy (less than 30 people) in a Japanese restaurant. We had a private room where the ceremony took place as well as dinner. It was great fun!