Gas prices are dropping like flies!

It was creeping really, really close to $4, but now it's down to $3.83. I have yet to pay over $4/gallon. Yay!!!
edit: Cha-ching - found gas for $3.79 today!!!


I'm an animal!

Over by the Dumbo ride at the Magic Kingdom, they put out a new (and random) animal cage to pose for photos in.

Jonathan wanted to keep me in there all day ...


I rule!

I just wanted to show off my recent score on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (or what ever the complete name is).

I think I shot the volcano to get a really high score.



Who needs TV when . . .

. . . you have crazy neighbors!

Let me preface this with this short story: Jonathan used to live in some super ghetto apartments. We heard people playing loud music and talking loud all the time. When we bought our house, we live on a road that looks like a P. We live on the curvy part of the P. So there is really no need for anybody to drive or be on the curvy part of the P, unless you live there. It's much shorter to drive on the straight part of the P.

Anyway ... we went to bed late last night (11pm - that's late for me!). Jonathan says, "do you hear some talking?" I did hear something, but it was pretty quiet - I assumed it was somebody's annoying car radio. Although it's rare for us to hear anything at all. Jonthan walks out of the bedroom, then comes running back in and says "the neighbors are fighting!"

Now, if I could hear them from my bedroom (on the back of the house), this had to be one loud fight!!! And it was!!! We went to our front room and peaked out the window. The problem was, we have a huge bush there, plus the window was all rainy and foggy, so it was hard to see. But for a solid 20 minutes 2 college age kids were screaming ands swearing at each other. This was a fight you only see in the movies. It was loud, and they were running around and crazy! I would've placed a $100 bet that the boy was going to hit/kick his car or beat the crap out of this girl. It was really intense. And, I admit it, fun to watch.

At one point the boy (or was it the girl) took off running at full speed down the road. Who does that?

When, when he walked back (from his sprint), I think they started making out. At this point I went to bed.

It got me thinking - who yells like that? I mean, has anybody ever had an argument (outside your house none the less) for a solid 20 minutes, screaming your lungs out? All I kept thinking to the girl was, "just leave - quit arguing with this psycho!" Although, since she was arguing back, she must be a little psycho too.

Good times!


And another thing ...

... to be honest, I am not enjoying the music while my party is being reached.


Movie Soundtracks

You can argue all you want, but I have to say that Back to the Future is the best movie soundtrack EVER. 


Worst Day Ever!

So when we first bought this house, I planted 3 flowering bushing between our yard and the neighbors yard.  I wanted them to act as a natural fence.

Over 1 year later, and they are still not as big as I would've liked.  I guess I didn't really pay attention when I bought them, but they are obviously sunloving plants, and this is a shady area.

So, after much convincing, Jonathan let me dig them up, and transplant them to the other side of the house.

Digging them up wasn't too challenging, however the 3 plants had morphed into 6!  So now I had 6 mini bushes (they are about 3' tall) to transplant.  My work just doubled!

The first 2 holes I dug were uneventful.  Then hole #3 ... as I'm cramming the shovel into the ground I hear *CLING*.  As I'm praying for it to be a rock, it turns out to be a white pipe.  As I move the dirt around I see a 1" gash in the pipe.  I use the word "crap" a lot, and I run in the house to start running water to see what kind of pipe it was.  Turns out to just be a sprinkler pipe.  Thank goodness!  I can fix that myself (with a lot of elbow grease).

Holes #4 and #5 are also uneventful.  Then hole #6 ... *TENSION* on my shovel.  I apologize to any virgin ears, but after I saw what it was, I admit to yelling 3 of the "bad" obseneties (I'll let you guess what they were), and they were pretty loud.  It was a wire.  A silver wire coated in black.  It looked just like a root!  I had snaped it clean in 2.

I'm officially freaking out.  I run in the house (by now it's 8:45pm and getting dark) and turn on everything I can - oven, stove, cable, every light, I flush the toilet for kicks ... everything works.  I breath a sigh of relief.  I broke the 1 wire that we don't use.

Turns out it's a secondary cable wire for an internet jack in our master bedroom, that we don't use.  When we went to Lowe's to get sprinkler fixing supplies (only $3.75!!! - jackpot!), the Lowe's guy suggested to bury it and forget about it.  Done, and done!


Random Disney Stuff

Every month Jonathan gets his hair cut at the barbershop at the Magic Kingdom. Therefore, every month I have an hour to kill on Main Street USA (I know, I know - what a major problem to have!) Last weekend I hit the character jackpot! I got Bert's (from Mary Poppins) autograph as well as Horace Horsecollar and Clarabell Cow! You NEVER see those characters around.

Since I leave near Disney, and we went to the parks all the time, I started to collect autographs. It gave me a mission when ever I was at a park. I've been doing it for over 3 years now, I think I've got about 100+.

I bought some new crocs a month ago. At first I thought they were cute, but now I'm not as excited as before. I bought them on a whim. I guess it serves me right to buy things with out thinking.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios they opened up a new Monsters, Inc character meet and greet. It's over near the Backlot Tour. According to Jonathan, I need to speak with Inhuman relations.


Vote Longoria!!!


There is a 5 way race for the last and final spot on the American League All Star team.

Vote EVAN LONGORIA from the first place (best record in baseball!) Tampa Bay Rays!


You might be saying to yourself, "Wow - what a beautiful sunet! Did you take that in Hawaii? Maybe Key West, FL? I bet you'll never see that again."

The answers to those questions would be "no, no, and yes I will!"

This sunset is a every day occurance in Florida! Well, everyday in the winter months anyway.

This the view from my back porch. Pretty sweet huh? Somedays, when it is really, really bright, it lights up my entire kitchen in pink. (which clashes with my decor - but I'll still take it)!



(no, that's not a soccer chant - it's a hockey GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!)

Jonathan and I attended the last Tampa Bay Lightning Saturday home hockey game. It was "fan appreciation day" (b/c the team is really lousy!).

So before the game, they handed out free posters, and the players walked down the red carpet signing tons of autographs.

We had a lot of fun, and I met my new boyfriend - Martin St. Louis. Isn't he a cutie?

Here are some other random Lightning players.


Star Wars Celebrities

Jonathan and I have been going to Star Wars weekends together since the week we first met.  Our 2nd "date" was working at Studios doing Star Wars weekends surveys.

Since we've been going for so long, we've met pretty much every Star Wars celebrity (ones that would actually come to Disney that is - no Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher).

This year there was 1 new person - the guy inside Darth Vader's suit.  Not James Earl Jones, not the face you see at the end of episode 6, just the guy in the suit that you never see.  I guess back in the 70's-80's (when episodes 4-6 were being filmed) he was a body builder and a big guy.

Warrick Davis was the host of Star Wars weekends, so we got to meet him (for the 3rd time).  He's always very polite and fun to chat with.