Bling, bling!

Could my face be any redder? (is 'redder' a word?

On a totally different note: I am officially the biggest nerd on myspace: www.myspace.com/acavender308

I need friends!

Old School

Here is a classic photo of my brother and I. I'm guessing this was taken in 1982.

Check out my stylish plastic snow boots, and his rockin' belted snowsuit.

Mmmmmmm ... movie

Jonathan and I enjoy walking around inside the AMC 24 at Downtown Disney looking at all the movie posters. Since it's a huge theater, they always have big cardboard popups of movies.

I was pleasantly surprized to find this display!

It's huge!


House Tour - toilet room

Ahoha and welcome to our home!

Our master bathroom has what I like to call a 'toilet room'. When we moved in it was plain white. Now it looks like this!

I would like to proudly say that I put up the crown molding on the ceiling and also the molding around the middle. All by myself!

I also made this cute little H thing. Well, I bought the H at a craft store, but I glued down the decorative paper. (Don't look at the ceiling, it's still beigh. I still have to finish painting that. Painting ceilings is a pain, but a great arm workout!)

I bought this white thing from Target. Man, was it a pain in the !@&*^# to put together!!! Those 2 big shells, and all the small shells in the jar are genuine Kwajalein shells. I was extra proud of that giant white one. It was 3/4 buried in the sand when I dug it out.

Speaking of Kwajalein, the photos in the frames along the wall is a 180 degree panoramic of one side of the island.

Viva Mexico!

The Grand Fiesta Tour staring the Three Caballeros is officially open in Epcot.

I am happy with the changes. The old ride was good and (maybe???) authentic.

This new ride is cartoony and fun! I recommend it - although I don't recommend waiting in line for more than 5 minutes. It's not that great of a ride!

Here are some random photos of the ride. I didn't use flash photography b/c I didn't want to be that annoying tourist flashing all the time.

I'm still trying to find the characters of the 3 Caballeros! I want a photo and their autograph.

I guess the topiary versions will have to do for now.

Monsters are funny!

At least, they are kind-of funny.

The Monsters Laugh Floor Comedy Club is officially open in Tomorrowland. It's a cute attraction/show. There are 3 or 4 monsters who tell jokes, make fun of the audience, and even interact with people in the audience!

The jokes are kind-of lame. I think I spend more time playfully saying, "Arrrrrg!" instead of "ha ha ha ha!", but it was all in good fun. (example: Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9!). Arrrrrg!

I think it will be cool to do the show again, b/c it will be a little different each time.

All these photos are from the queue line.



Everybody loves previews, right?

I haven't blogged in a while, so here's a preview of what's coming up (it will help me remember):
Richard Petty
Sammy Sosa
house decor
other boring stuff

Stay tuned . . .


It's fun to wake up at 5:15am ...

... if you are waking up for the Minnie Marathon on Sunday, 5/6/07 (wow - cool date - 5 - 6 - 7)!


My goal for the 15K was 2:06 - which would've been 14 minute miles, and I did under that. I was very pleased with myself.

The race started at Animal Kingdom and ended at Epcot.

Mile 1 - This is really hard. I can see the end of the pack. Crap!
Mile 2 - What have I gotten into? I'm never doing a race again.
Mile 3 - *waking up a bit*
Mile 4 - I can see MGM
Mile 5 - I can still see MGM, but I'm not there yet!
Mile 6 - I am inside MGM and kicking some butt!
Mile 7 - Walking towards the Boardwalk and I'm still able to run a little bit
Mile 8 - Inside Epcot - now is the time to pick up the pace
Mile 9 - Where the heck is the finish line? Oh, it's around this nasty corner.

I have the uncanny ability to sprint to the finish line. There was an old lady about 50 yards ahead of me. I managed to finish 1 second behind her. Grrrrr!

It's not every day as an adult you can push yourself to a semi-limit, that's why I find Disney races so enjoyable. Plus I got a super cool Minnie Mouse head medal for finishing on time!

And now the soreness begins. I am fully prepared for old age now. My shins hurt, my lower back is sore and I can barely squat down to go to the bathroom. Good times.

Bring on the 13K in October!


Top 5: Summer movies I plan on seeing

2007 - The summer of sequels! And I pathetically plan to see them all!

In no particular order:
1. Spiderman 3
2. Pirates 3
3. Harry Potter 5
4. Knocked Up 4. Ahhhh - how could I forget about the Simpson's Movie!?! Sorry Knocked up, but I guess you are going in the Honorable Mention list.
5. Ratatouie (sp?)

Honorable Mention (which means, I'll be renting these movies)
6. Shrek 3
7. Rush Hour 3 (I loved the first 2!!!)
8. Hostel 2 (If I am brave enough!)
9. Transformers -- I have never EVER had an interest in Transformers the toy or the cartoon, but I've seen some photos stills of the movie, and it looks so strange and fastinating!
10. That wedding movie with Mandy Moore and John Krasninski (the cute guy from the TV show The Office).
11. Knocked Up
12. I Now Pronounce you Larry & Chuck - Kevin James and Adam Sandler -- this HAS to be good!

I also missed Die Hard 4 (or what ever it's called). Arg! I better sign up for some overtime!

I'm sure I'm missing something major - help me out!

More more movie fun, check out my other blog:  Movie Yak

"Jonathan - kill it!"

A week ago I pushed a bunch of wood chips aside, exposed some soil, and planted some seeds. The seeds are starting to grow.

As I bend down to take a closer look, I noticed a big white thing sticking out of the wood chips.

There is no way in heck I was falling for this trick again -- it had to be a snake egg! I bet a snake saw my pile of wood chips and a nice little nest.

I yelled for Jonathan to confirm my finding. Being a typical man he just yelled, "smash it with your trowel!", but I wasn't going near that thing with a 50 foot trowel.

So I went for my nightly walk/run. A half hour later, the white thing was gone. Jonathan had taken care of it, thank goodness.

When I walked back into the house, Jonthan says, "I took care of that golf ball for you". Doh!