Go Rays!

Last Sunday Jonathan and I went to our first Rays game this year.

The last Rays game we went to was the World Series game (that they actually won).

My camera batteries were dying (they always seem to be dying - grrrrr!), but I managed to take a quick photo of us in the stands and the Rays new banners. Woo-hoo - Rays are AL champs!

P.S. Jonathan and I are wearing matching jersey t-shirts, but you can't see that in the photo.


You Tube Tuesday: Breakdancing Mickey

Breakdancing Mickey Mouse (in Paris I believe) is freaking awesome!!!

A little odd, but awesome none the less.  Keep watching until the end ... trust me.



Disney closed one of my favorite stores in Downtown Disney (Summer Sands) and I was really bummed.
Thankfully, they re-opened the store with an even better store called TrenD.
Look up, down and all around, and you'll see lots of funky stuff ... like these Mickey ear wearing corporate Barbie dolls.


The Office

Before Jonathan moved office buildings, he and his former boss took this awesome photo based on The Office TV show. Jonathan as Jim and his boss as Michael Scott.
I couldn't find the photo on google that this was based on (I think they hit 'pause' during an episode or something), but I think it's pretty darn accurate!


Hello Kitty Hell

I just stumbled upon a hilarious website:  Hello Kitty Hell

When I was in grade school, we lived a couple blocks from a mom and pop grocery store and drug store.  I loved going to the drug store and looking at all their Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars stuff.

As an adult, I no longer purchase anything Hello Kitty related, although I still think it's super adorable.  Every time I'm in Epcot (and Jonathan will let me), I wander thru the Japanese store to look at all the Hello Kitty and friends stuff.


You Tube Tuesday: Skipper Dan

What do you get when you mix Weird Al+original music+the Jungle Cruise? Skipper Dan!

You Tube won't let me imbed this video, but please click on this link:


It will take you to You Tube where you can watch Weird Al's newest video. It's great!


YouTube Tuesdays - Rick Roll

Rick Astley "Rick Rolled" himself. Genius!

Plus, I love Fosters Home for Imaginary friends.


Steve McNair

About 3 or 4 years ago, the ESPN Club at the Boardwalk used to have a sports celebrity almost every night. Jonathan and I were there all the time.

I'm not sure what year this was, but now this photo of Steve McNair and I is pretty special. He is a nice looking man!

I'm getting something signed for my father in law, so I don't even have his autograph.  Boo!


You Tube Tuesdays - Wall-E

I think this is pretty cool.

I'm not convinced that Wall-E was in Toy Story (their proof is a little fuzzy), but you can clearly see him in Cars.

I love how Pixar always hides stuff like this!


Digital Scrapbooking - more Alaska

I used the same template (templates rule!!!) for each of these pages, but I flipped it around, so they don't all look 100% the same.

I think I like the Juneau page the best, although the word "Skagway" is a really cute alpha I downloaded.

All my digital scrapbooking materials were downloaded for free! Thank you Ikea Goddess!


Digital Scrapbooking - Alaskan Cruise

You might be ashamed to learn that I spend a lot of time digital scrapbooking on our cruise.

Now I didn't take any time away from all the ports or other things, but there was a lot of downtime on the ship. I would take my computer to a martini bar that overlooked the huge atrium area, or sit in the ship's library and scrapbook away. It was fun to play with all the photos I had just taken.

That "Alaskan Amber" page is one of my favorites.

If I haven't gotten you into digital scrapping yet - what are you waiting for?!?