RIP: 1998 blue Ford Escort

Everybody say goodbye to my old car (like this red on, only blue), and hello to my new 2006 Saturn Ion 2 (the grey one)!

Actually, the grey color might be the color I bought. I don't really like the color at all, but it's the only color they had in stock. They had a cool blue and green color, but not with the features I wanted. The grey car was the only one with out tinted windows. I guess people in Florida like tinted windows. I test drove a blue car with the tint on them, but it felt like I was driving inside a cave. It was so dark!

I'm most excited about my new CD player. My old car had one, but it broke about 4 years ago. I'll miss Mike & Mike in the morning (ESPN radio), but I can listen to my eclectic CD mixes I've made over the years!

The strangest standard feature is a handle in the trunk. It's sole purpose is to be pulled to open the trunk when you are STUCK INSIDE THE TRUNK! I can't see that happening too many times.



I went swimming with the sharks last weekend. My favorite dive sight is a large coralhead in the middle of the lagoon that's always just teeming with fish of all kinds. About a hundred feet down some larger species frequent the area: tuna, baracuda...and lots of sharks! We swam with about two dozen, only five to six feet long--reef sharks, not the threatening kind. They circled around us a few times in groups of three or four and it's so exhilerating to be among them. At the end of the dive I spent a few minutes at the top of the coralhead turning over small dead pieces of coral to uncover whatever "goodies" the smaller colorful fish like to feed on. The tiniest of them will eat right out of my hand! What a great dive--and I didn't throw up on the rocking boat afterwards either.


Jury Duty

This morning I proudly served my country by reading magazines in the jury holding room from 8am-1pm! I was kind-of bummed that I didn't get chosen for an actual jury. I didn't wake up at 6:45am (I normally wake up at 8:15am) for nothing! None the less, getting out early (and not having to go to work) gave me tons of time to go home and clean my apartment.


Orlando Predators

Thanks to a friend of a girl Jonathan works with, we are (sort-of) season ticket holders to the Orlando Predators! They are an arena football team. So far we've been to 2 games, and they've won both.

Last night the game was pretty boring. Arena football is fun b/c the scores are always so high, but it was scoreless going into the 2nd quarter. Luckily, the Philadephia Soul's QB was hurt, so their back up was playing. He fumbled the snap (no kidding) 7 times! All those turnovers, and some pretty good defence, allowed us to win 40-something to 20-something.

The best part of the game, for Jonathan, is after the game. They allow fans 10 minutes to run around the field and hound the players for autographs. Jonathan is a huge autograph hound, so while he runs around looking for players, I run around dodging kids playing catch with footballs. The cheerleaders all pass out scanelous pictures of their team and sign them too. Jonathan also likes that part. Last night some guys were having the cheerleader sign their (not very attractive) chests.


My friends in the Kwajalein running club and I are having a 4 X 1-mile relay race this weekend. We hope that lots of people will come out to compete since the distance is only one mile for each participant. The unique thing about it is that it is a handicapped relay race...each runner's handicap is based on his/her age and gender. A twenty-five year old male has no handicap at all...a female that same age is given an extra 90 seconds. Then for each year of age above or below 25, a few more seconds are added. My handicap is over 4 minutes--see...being old is starting to pay off! (My handicap is the same as a five-year-old!) My whole team is a bunch of old people and our total team handicap is more that 13 minutes! We ought to do pretty well, right? BTW, we're using the old standby as a team name: "HOOF ARTED".