News from Clarence, NY

Muir Woods, San Francisco and Pebble Beach

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I was in California for business and stayed over the weekend to do some sightseeing. Muir Woods has 554 acres of old redwoods. Coast Redwood is the tallest species of tree in the world today. The tallest tree in Muir Woods is 254 feet; further north there are several Redwoods around 370 feet tall. The average age of the Muir Woods trees is 600 years. A cut section of a 1021-year old redwood in the park shows its growth rings.

Picutres from the New Years Day party.

This was the last golf of 2005 - November 15th. The 3rd guy from the left with the rolled up pants is 86 years old!! This was in Horseheads New York.


Expedition Everest

Walt Disney World opened a new ride last weekend. It's a roller coaster inside this huge mountain. It goes forwards and backwards, and a huge Yeti attacks you! Check it out at Animal Kingdom!


Fun with Dick and Jane

I saw Fun with Dick and Jane last weekend. I heard it was a remake of an old movie?!? It was pretty funny. Jim Carrey was hilarous as usual. The movie was spooking companies like Enron in a round about way. The end credits even said, "we'd like to thank the following: (bankrupt companies listed here."


Marathon pictures

Who wants to see hideous pictures of me? The funniest ones are from the full marathon. You see me at the start (6am - 38 degrees) in layers and layers of clothing. Then at mile 13 I totally stripped down. I threw away my $3 Walmart sweat pants, my long underwear shirt, my hat and gloves.

You can search by last names. Mine is (obviously) Cavender and my boyfriend is "Jonathan Howald".

This web site as been acting up on me today, but it's been working fine all week:

These links might work too:
Walt Disney World® Marathon 1/8/2006 - Orlando, FL
Walt Disney World® Half Marathon 1/7/2006 - Orlando, FL


13.1 + 26.2 = I'm "Goofy"!

Check out what I did this weekend:

Saturday, 1/7/06
START 6:17:26 AM EST / 10 Mile 2:48:36 / FINISH 3:24:46
Chip Time: 3:24:46 / Clock: 3:40:40 / Pace: 15:37
Placement / Overall: 10926 / Gender: 6583
I earned a Donald Duck medal!

Sunday, 1/8/06
START 6:05:36 AM EST / 10 Mile 2:36:04 / Half 3:25:22 / 20 Mile 5:15:53 / FINISH 6:57:02
Chip Time: 6:57:02 / Clock: 7:03:50 / Pace: 15:54
Placement / Overall: 9963 / Gender: 4894
I earned a Mickey Mouse Medal!

And for finishing both marathon with in the time limit (16 minute miles was the max) I earned the first ever Goofy medal!


WDW Marathon - track me!

I'm not really sure how this works, but you can type in my name, and track me during the Walt Disney World marathon tomorrow morning (at 6am eastern time!)



Oh, rats!

I have a friend (Shelley) who's a Continental Airlines flight attendant. She comes in and out of here almost every week and she buys stuff for me from Honolulu or Guam whenever I need it. In exchange I bake cookies or bars for her and the rest of the crew. I thought she was coming in yesterday so I made fresh oatmeal/raisin cookies for her...but I was confused (really?) and she didn't come here until today. I left the cookies bagged on my boss's (Donna's) desk overnight and the RATS in our office chewed up on them all evening--AND LEFT POOP ALL OVER DONNA'S DESK!!! Oh well, the desk needed to be cleaned anyway and Shelley would have preferred lemon bars.


New Years Eve

Jonathan and I spent New Year Eve at Downtown Disney watching their fireworks show. First we toasted the night away with a Taco Bell soft taco ***I'm full! (Mom and Dad - that's a commercial, a real live commercial!)*** Then we camped out for a good fireworks spot from 11pm-midnight. It was fun, not too crowded, and only 10 minutes away from home!


Shark Frenzy

In the water right off shore from our small boat marina there is usually a group of nurse sharks and a sea turtle or two that hang around waiting for fisherman to throw in fish heads and other guts when they clean their catch...Am, you've seen them before. Well, this weekend when the fisherman came in, the tide was so low that the sharks (about 20 of them) were half out of the water--scraping their bellies on the bottom I'm sure--and they were climbing all over each other trying to snag the best treats...mmmmmmm. It was real cool! I spent the whole day on (or under) the water and Larry was playing golf. We had showers on and off most of the afternoon and Larry couldn't finish qualifying for some eighteen-hole tournament; he's going to try again today (our New Years holiday) WHILE I'M AT WORK!