Carnivore Win!

I can't stay away from Fail Blog!

"Keep being awesome!"


Yay for Black Friday!

I hit the jackpot shopping today.

I've been on the hunt for a cute pair of black shoes for about a year now.

I woke up at the crack of 9:30am today, ready for some Black Friday shopping. I hit Ross first, since I figured it wouldn't be very crowded (there's always deals there, nothing special today).

I saw an adorable pair of shoes, but when I picked them up, I realized they were dark brown, not black. For some reason I have lots of brown shoes. But they were pointy, slingback and about 1" heel - exactly what I'm looking for!!

I thought to myself, "darn, if these were in black, I would buy them in a second."

Guess what I found down the next isle ... the same shoes in black!!!!

Thank you shopping gods.


Big butts unite!

Hollywood studios always has funny banners back by the animation courtyard for the newest movies.

The Princess and the Frog looks like it will be a pretty good flick, and Ray the Firefly is quickly becoming my favorite characters (from the previews I've seen). He's always talking about his 'big old butt', and just look at his adorable smile!



I stumbled across the greatest website. I spend about an hour browsing thru it, until I felt like such an internet dork.

It's www.failblog.org

It's just hilarious photos of things "failing" and sometimes (like the photos below) "winning".

Now it's a part of my ever expanding google reader.

Check it out!


A Christmas Carol

Jonathan and I ran across this display at Disney's Hollywood Studios the other day.

I'm all for cheesy cardboard cut outs 'stick your head in here' type of thing. I think Disney should do way more of them. You know everybody will stick their head in anything! (get your mind of out of the gutter!)

You can tell by the photo, but Jim Carrey's eyes actually move from right to left very slowly.


Christmas in November

It's not like "Christmas in November" is anything unheard of, but I'm honestly not really in the mood yet.

At Studios we ran into this giant greeting card (to hype up the movie The Christmas Carol - which Jonathan saw with out me, b/c I'm not in the mood yet!).

Since Jonathan thinks I'm the biggest scrooge ever, he found it appropriate that I was all excited to see the inside writing on the card. *groan*

The card is in the back by the Backlot Tour and the giant bottle of Coke.


Fashion Police

I went out in public looking like this.

In my defense, it was 7pm and it was really dark outside. And all I was doing was jogging around the block.

Why dirty another pair of socks right ... right?


Love at first sight ...

Have you ever been clothes shopping, and you put something on in the dressing room and it's one of those {hallelujah choir singing} "aha!" moments?

Well, that was me yesterday at Old Navy.  I put on a cotton dress, and it fit me perfectly.  Nothing EVER fits me perfectly.  And it's so soft, flowy and comfy.

I debated on wearing it out of the store (and never taking it off ... EVER), but I decided against it.

But I'm wearing it right now ... and I just can't bear to take it off.  I should be wearing grungy clothes to clean the house, but I'm sitting here in a cotton dress.

I {heart} it.

Did I mention I bought it for $3?!?3