The Grudge

I had my very own "Grudge" moment this morning.

I was taking a shower and washing my hair. As girls do, we pull all our hair on the top of my head and scrub. As I ran my fingers thru my hair I hit something hard.

Being naked (therefore vulnerable I suppose) I got kind-of freaked. Was it a cockroach? Was it some plastic thing? Was it a hand of a ghost of a Japenese boy?

I immediatly turned off the water and hopped out of the shower. I looked in the mirror hoping to see what it was (please don't be a dead cockroach!!!). I couldn't see anything.

Being afraid to touch it (it might be a cockroach!) I flattened my hair in my towel, hoping to touch the hard thing thru the towel, but my towel was too thick.

Finally I shook my hair and something flew out of my tangles. It was a 4" plastic type wire thing. I have no idea where it came from, or how it ended up in my pillow, but I was slightly releaved.


Top 5 Family Guy moments

Since I'm running low on stuff to talk about and pass the time, I'll start posting some random Top 5 or Top 10 countdowns. Those are always fun!

And if you don't watch Family Guy on Sunday nights (Fox!), you are missing out big time!

Honorable Mention: The fact that Peter has a helicopter and his own Hindenburg. "How can you afford these things?" -Joe
5. Peter and Stewie go to Disneyland and ride Indiana Jones
4. Peter sings and plays Rock Lobster on a guitar
3. Stewie farts and pops a blood vessel in his eye
2. Chris falls into the A-ha video "Take On Me" (greatest song ever!)

And, with out a doubt, the all time best Family Guy moment (makes me cry with laughter every time I see it) . . .
1. Banana Brian - Peanut Butta Jelly Time! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, please google "Peanut Butta Jelly Time". You won't be dissapointed.)


Top 10 hazards of living in Florida

10. The air conditioning bill
9. Love bugs (impossible to clean off your car)
8. Tampa Bay Rays (man, they are awful!!!)
7. Locals driving
6. Tourists driving
5. Hurricanes
4. Frizzy Hair (from the humidity)
3. Sunburn
2. Roaches
1. Lizards (those suckers are fast!)

Testing, testing ...

I seem to be having difficulty posting photos, so here are some testers ...


Guitar Hero

This morning I went to Walmart with Jonathan. He was getting an oil change. Unfortunatly the wait time was 2.5 hours!

As we strolled around the huge store looking at random stuff, luck was on my side. What was the Playstation 2 game available for testing? Guitar Hero!!!

I was introduced to this game at my friend Julie's house this summer. It's so much fun! It's very similar to Dance Dance Revolution, but you use a guitar instead of a dance matt. The game is the ultimate test of your hand eye coordination. As you see 1 of 5 colors on the screen, you have to press that color button on the guitar, and 'strum' the guitar at the same time. And, all the songs on the game are 'real' song. My favorite is More Than a Feeling by Boston.

I'm debating on buying the game (when it becomes a PS2 greatest hit for $20!), but the only problem is that my little hands can't reach all the colored buttons at the same time, so I'll never be able to master the game.


Typhoon Lagoon

Last weekend Jonathan and I went to Typhoon Lagoon. I had forgotten how much I love water parks! Except for the part where your sunscreen gets in your eyes - I don't like that much.

The new-ish water "roller coaster" Crush 'n Gusher is super fun!

And little cheap ole me even bought a picture from the photo pass guy! Jonathan thinks it should be our wedding photo. Even though he was joking ... I think it's actually a cute idea.


Live in Missour-A?

Then vote for Jonathan's dad! www.howald4judge.com Woo-hoo!

I think I'll start blogging some "top 5" or "top 10" lists. Any suggestions?


Do me a favor ...

Next time you have to call a call center related business - don't call 5 minutes before they are scheduled to close (7pm), and proceed to talk for one and a half hours (8:30pm).

Although, OT = cha-ching!