Somebody stop me!

I bought ANOTHER dress!  I need to remind myself that I never wear dresses.

But this one was 75% off at H&M - and it was cute in an odd way ... it looks kind-of 50's.

Plus, it has a layer underneath so you don't have to worry about bra straps showing!  Although it is a little short ... but hopefully Wii Fit will take care of my chubby knees in time for summer.


Wii Fit Report Card

It's been exactly 31 days since I hopped on the Wii Fit for the first time.

Report card:
Starting weight:  119.9
31 days later ... 117.4.

At this pace, I'll might squeak out to be 109 by June (going to a beach wedding, so I'll wearing a bikini - just kidding MIL!).  But in May I'll be on a cruise, so I'll probably gain 10 pounds to push me back to square one.

So if you see me, and I'm eating some junk food, or drinking a soda, slap it out of my hands!


YouTube Tuesdays

I love Harry Carray!  But this guy does a pretty darn good impression of him.


Team Possible! (part 2)

Photos from Kim Possible at Epcot!

This is the 'cell phone' (Kimmunicator) that tells you everything you need to do.

This was at the kiosk where we picked up our Kimmunicator.

Jonathan is excited to save China!


Team Possible!

Jonathan and I did the new Kim Possible thingy at Epcot today.

I thought the cartoon Kim Possible went off the air about 4 years ago ... but that doesn't matter.

There are multiple places around Epcot to sign up.  After you sign up (and you get a fastpass type piece of paper), you report to a certain country in the world showcase.

We went to China the first time and Mexico the second time.

You're given a cell phone, and it gives you clues to walk around that country to "save the world!".

It's actually pretty cool.  Normally I just blow thru the countries on my way to the bathroom or get a drink of water.  But with the Kim Possible cell phone (called a "Kimmunicator"), you need to find random statues, pictures or fountains, press "ok" on the phone, and then that thing moves or something!

It's hard to explain, but super cool to do!  I highly recommend checking it out next time you're at Epcot.

Photos coming soon ...


Oh poop!

Yes, that's white bird poop - in my hair and on my shirt.

Thank you Epcot birds!

In the bird's defense, I walked right into a huge mob of birds near the Canada pavilion.  I guess I was asking for it.

This was BEFORE our anniversary lunch at Le Cellier.  Yipee!


YouTube Tuesdays

For those of you too young to remember, wearing Michael Jackson was REALLY cool in the '80s.  I might have worn 1 white glove from time to time ... and the Thriller video scared me to death when I was in 2nd grade.


"Cheaters prosper ...

... for a little while."
-Senor Lucas

That was a crazy quote from my crazy Spanish teacher in high school.  Looking back, I think he was super gay, but I didn't really know (or care) was gay was when I was in high school.  He loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and pink.  He was so much fun.

Anyway, Jonathan has been playing a lot of Wii Indiana Jones.  Occasionally he looks at a cheating website.  I'm fine with that.

But the goofy thing is that there is a Wii Fit section on the cheaters website.  Seriously?  Do you really need to cheat at Wii Fit?!?


My favorite TV show is cancelled!

Actually, it was cancelled about 3 years ago.

I recently stumbled across the sitcom "What I Like About You" on ABC Family.  I think it used to be on the WB or the CW or what ever that channel used to be called.  I believe it ran from '02-'06.

It stars Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth as sisters living in NYC.  I've been recording every episode, so I had 20+ episodes on my DVR by the time I got around to watch them.  I think I'm starting in season 2.  I'm not sure where their parents are, or how they afford such a large apartment in NYC, but I just love Amanda Bynes!


YouTube Tuesdays

But does this YouTube video teach you how to to the "Carilton"?


The coolest Christmas present ...

... besides the Wii Fit I mean.

Jonathan's brother is a Captain in the Army.  He graduated from West Point, so he 'had' to serve for 5 years.  His 5 years are over in May.

So, before he left the Army, I asked for a "Howald" name patch.  You know, like the name patches on every Army uniform.  I figured I'd better ask now, before he can't get them anymore.

So on Christmas morning he hands me this large gift bag, and it's heavy.  I thought, "shoot - he bought me something when I didn't buy him anything.  Now I feel like a jerk!  All I wanted was a free patch!".

Inside the bag was a FULL Army camouflage uniform!  It's one he wore during his first tour in Iraq.  The coolest part about the uniform is the hat (which I'm fashionably wearing in the photo), complete with name patch.  The front of the hat has the little Army symbol for 'captain'.

The army shirt is covered in patches also.  And the camo pants even fit me!  It's super cool!


It's Jason! (or is it Jason's mom?)

This is why you should carry a camera everywhere.

You never know when a super awesome photo opportunity will arise.

We snapped this beauty at the AMC movie theater at Downtown Disney.

For more movie news, check out my other blog:  Movie Yak


YouTube Tuesdays

I know most of the world doesn't really follow hockey, but Jonathan does.

He found this You Tube clip of a SICK goal by ... some hockey player.

Watch this clip, and you'll see the goal at about the 15 second mark.  Then sports center shows it a zillion more times in slow motion.  It's pretty sweet.  It reminded me of that Tiger Woods commercial when he's juggling the golf ball on his club.


Stranger Danger?

So I've been carpooling to work with Chris, a neighbor, for about 3 months now. We have a pretty sweet setup ... every day we rotate drivers.

So a couple weeks ago we had to work on Saturday, and it was his turn to drive. When he picks me up, I wait by the front door (with the door open, I don't have any big windows to look out from). When he stops in the road in front of my house, I run out and hop in his car.

Well, on Saturday a strange car stopped outside of my house.

Assuming it was his girlfriends car (I knew her car was grey), I ran out the front door towards the car.

As I opened the car door, I see a leg with shorts on. Normally I see a leg wearing work pants.

Still, I assumed it was Chris so I hopped in the car.

Now, it DID end up being Chris in the car (wearing casual shorts since it was a Saturday), but it got me thinking. Any total stranger could stop in front of my house at 8:25am in the morning, and I would probably hop in their car!

It's resolution time!

Ok, it's 2009, so it's resolution time.

I've never really made a hard core resolution, but this time I mean business.  Although I'm not being very creative with my resolution ...

"I'm going to lose 11 lbs using my Wii Fit"

I owe my brother in law big time for buying us a Wii Fit for Christmas.  When the game came out, I thought it looked cool, but I had no intention of every buying one.  "I can get exercise for free," I said to myself.

Oh no - this is so much fun!  And it's a great workout.  I mean, I'm not breaking a sweat or building up muscle mass, but my abs hurt a little bit, and my calfs are tight.  I just love hula hooping and doing the step aerobics!

So 3 days ago (at the in-law's house) I weighed 120.  I know what you might be thinking, "I would kill to weigh as little as 120!"  Well, when you're only 5' tall, 120 is kind-of a lot.  Plus, I have a huge pile of pants and shorts that barely fit me anymore, and I'm tired of buying new clothes.

A couple years ago, when I auditioned for a certain Disney job *wink, wink* I had to get weighed in front of a huge crowd (because there was a weight limit for this job).  It was pretty embarrassing, but I was 109 (ok for the job - thought I didn't get the job for other reasons).

My goal is to get back in to my Tinkerbell weight!  So bare with me as I document my Wii Fit experiment.


My new favorite dress

Thanks to my cool mother in law I had a crisp $100 bill for my birthday.  I decided to splurge on myself.  I decided to go on a super thrify shopping spree and see how far that $100 could take me.

I had a "$10 off $50" coupon to Marshalls, so I started there.  I found $40 worth of sale merchandise, but I needed another $10.  Arg!

Then I ran into this beauty.

Yes, the pattern is a little 'grandma', but it fits me like a glove.  And NOTHING (especially dresses) ever fits my unproportioned body like a glove (I have no chest, a small waist and a big butt).

Now, if you know me, I never wear dresses!  Yet I keep buying sundresses because they are so darn cute.

P.S.  I bought 1 dress, 1 pair of black work pants, 1 pair of shorts and 6 shirts with my $100.  Not bad huh?