Laundry Strike - Day 56-59

Day 56 - I decided to change things up and wear a cardigan.

Day 57 - Happy skirt Tuesday!

Day 58 - Thank you laundry strike. I've never EVER worn these pants. I'm pretty sure they were hand me downs. They were a little tight on top, but overall a fun surprise. Does anybody else find clothes in their closet they kind-of forgot about?!?

Day 59 - Just a few hours at work in the wee hours of the morning (2:50am is the wee hours right?). Go Padres! (for some reason)


Laundry Strike - Day 53-55

Day 53 - More Breast Cancer awareness pink!

Day 54 - Brown cardigan time!
Day 55 - Magic Kingdom with the MouseScrappers gang!


Laundry Strike - Day 48-52

Day 48 - Never left the house! Cut me some slack on this one. I worked a lot last week.

Day 49 - Getting called in to work at 3am = black shirt. I think I have 1 long sleeve black shirt in my closet.
Day 50 - I just wanted to show off that this used to be a long sleeve sweater that was sooooooo hot. So I shortened the sleeves and now it's fantastic!

Day 51 - I'm officially out of jeans. Well, I have 1 skinny pair left. I'm not sure those are work appropriate.

Day 52 - I stood next to a guy who was wearing a lime green shirt. Everybody kept saying, "ahhhh - you guys match!" My shirt is yellow! It's an old shirt ... is it moldy or something?!?

P.S. Dear zit on my forehead,
Please go away.


Skirt Tuesday here I come!

My friend Julie gave me 2 adorable skirts about 3 years ago. The only problem ... they are too long for a shorty like me. Skirts that hit me mid calf just make my bottom half bigger than it already is.

(wearing fleece socks with a long skirt also make your bottom half bigger than it already is!)

So I finally got my act together and tore it apart. It's hard to tell from the photo, but there is a ribbon layer above the bottom stitching. I cut that off and 3 more inches.

Wa-la! I'm very pleased with my results!


Laundry Strike - Day 42-47

Day 42 - "You're a weiner" ... classic. And cozy for a little Food & Wine festival at Epcot.

Day 43 - I just want to say that I love this green shirt. I had a coupon for The Gap (I never shop there), but I found this beauty for only $6.

Day 44 - Skirt Tuesday! We were having a party at work, and I knew I would have to do a lot of lifting and walking, so I wore my coziest dress made out of t-shirt material. I had to dress it up a tad with a ... what else ... cardigan!

(Off topic - I bought a $5 cardigan today)

Day 45 & 46 - This is kind-of cheating, but I worked 20 hours in a row starting at 9:30pm on Wednesday night. That's not a typo ... 20 hours. So this was my outfit on Wednesday AND Thursday.

Day 47 - Pink day at work for Breast Cancer awareness. If you're paying attention to my blog, you'll recognize this cardigan! (I tore apart an ill fitting sweater and made it into a fun cardigan.)

Britt-ish Designs!

Yes, I labeled this post as "celebrities".

I met the super uber talented Britt of Britt-ish Designs at the Magic Kingdom today.

If you're still scrapbooking with glue and paper, get with the program!

Come visit Britt's blog and join the fun!

P.S. Josh - if you're reading this, she didn't spend too much at Property Control. :)


Time Warp!

Has anybody flown over the International Date line? One minute you're in "today" and the next minute you're in "tomorrow".

Anyway, on Wednesday night I went in to work at 9:30pm. I didn't leave until 5:30pm the next afternoon (you do the math).

I went home, immediately went to sleep, and woke up for work on Friday.

So all day I was thinking, "what day is today? It is really Friday?!?"

I went into work on Wednesday, and the next day I went into work was Friday. I just kind-of skipped over Thursday! Very international-date line like. It was an odd feeling ...


Laundry Strike - Day 38-41

Wow - over 40 days in and I'm still going strong! Well, I'm almost out of jeans, so 'casual day' at work won't be so casual for me. Bummer

Day 38 - Boston thrift store Gap shirt for $1. I love it!
Day 39 - ADLS game 2. Go Rays!
Day 40 - Breast cancer awareness Friday. Go pink!

Day 41 - Casual Saturday at work. I only have 2 pairs of jeans left. Pair #1 are kind-of skinny. I don't think I can pull those off right now. So pair #2 it is!


Joe Rhode

I met super Imagineer Joe Rhode on the cruise.

I was actually stalking Bill Farmer (the voice of Goofy) at the time, and Joe Rhode is standing right on front of me. So why not ask him for a photo.

I'm wearing my super cool uniform, while Joe looks very daper and island-y.

Joe is the mastermind behind Aulani, the Adventure's Club, Expedition Everest and pretty much the entire Animal Kingdom park.

Cheers Joe!


Laundry Strike - Day 34-37

Day 34 - Almost 12 hour day at work. Just the day for a purple shirt that's pretty much made out of paper. I *heart* you H&M!

Day 35 - I had every intention of leaving the house, but then I never did. So I wasted one of my favorite t-shirts for nothing. I got it in (guess!) Hawaii in 2005. And it's a little chilly in Florida (low 80s!), so I'm rocking the fleece socks.

Day 36 - Yikes. Why didn't somebody tell me my pants are too tight. Gross!

Day 37 - Happy Skirt Tuesday! I don't like this white shirt, but that's kind-of the point of the laundry strike, to wear stuff I haven't worn in forever. And yet another Gap $3 thrift store skirt. What's the deal with Gap skirts and people giving them to thrift stores?!? I guess I shouldn't complain.

Squeak, squeak!

How cute are these little guys from that Pixar short film?

On the SS Member Cruise 2010 they were hiding over in the Route 66 area of the ship.


Happy Birthday Corey!

My little brother (aka: Walter Payton) is 29 today.

Happy Birthday!


Hi Grandma!

In case you thought I was cool ... here I am knitting on the beach at Disney's Castaway Cay.

Ironically, I'm knitting a scarf.

Just the article of clothing one needs on the beach!

Hey, when you're on a cruise for work and you get 2 hours off, you head for the beach, but don't get too dirty! No time for a shower before your shift starts.


Laundry Strike - Day 31, 32, 33

Day 31 - It's Hawaiian shirt day at work. So I borrowed a shirt from my co-worker. I offered to wash it (thus breaking my streak!), but he took it home instead. Whew!

Day 32 - I was planning on wearing a purple cardigan over this shirt (it's not super duper work appropriate) but it's just so darn hot at work! So I saved a cardigan for another day.

Day 33 - Cardigan time! Today was a Friday in October. It was 'wear pink day' for breast cancer awareness. But October kind of snuck up on me, and I pretty much wore the opposite of pink - black!