Pop Century

It never fails.

Every year we (Disney Cast Members) get a coupon book for the Holidays. One thing in the coupon book is a 50% off coupon for 1 restaurant inside a park, and 1 restaurant outside the park. The coupons start on 11/1 and end on 10/31 the following yer.

Every year, at the end of October, I'm strounging around to use my coupon for ouside the park.

Jonathan and I just got back from the Pop Century resort (which is, ironically, where I used my coupon last year as well). I really enjoy their food courts food. And I think the resort is so neat!

Jonathan's favorite food is the tie dye cheesecake! Here is a really pixel-y photo I found on google.




I need a new blog title. "Cavender Family Blog" doesn't make much sense, since I'm the only one in my family who actually posts!

I know you guys are creative ... bring it on! :0)


DVC rules!!!

Guess who was the guest speaker at the big DVC meeting on Wednesday ... Grant Hill!!!

I couldn't believe it!

After he was done speaking I left the meeting to go tot he bathroom, and Grant was walking down the hallway. I debated on running after him (I keep a sharpie on my keys at all times - for these types of senerios - and I had a napkin for him to sign), but I decided against it.

I was bummed he didn't stick around for autographs and photos after the meeting, but it was still pretty neat to hear him speak.

And if you don't know who Grant Hill is - shame on you! Go watch some NBA.


Top 5 movies I love, that most people have never heard of.

5. Top Secret - very Naked Gun-esque staring a young Val Kilmer. If you like Naked Gun, I highly recommend renting this movie. The plot is an Elvis-style singer goes to Germany during WWII.

4. 3 Ninjas - a stupid kids movie with a lot of cheesy 1 liners.

3. Tales from the Crypt - I can't even think of what the movie is actually called! I'm so embarrased! It's not the Bordello of Blood movie, it's their first movie. Jada Pinkett Smith is the star. Something about a house possessed and zombies or something. When I saw this movie in theaters (about 10 years ago???) I actually left the movie, saw the theater next store where the movie was starting again, and snuck in to watch it again. I've never done that before.

2. Army of Darkness - I suppose a lot of people have heard of this movie, if you are into Bruce Campbell. I keep trying to share my love of this movie with other people who have never seen it, but nobody seems to get it.

1. Million Dollar Mystery - I absolutly love this movie, and I have never met anybody else who has ever seen it, much less heard of it. I can't even find it on DVD.


Top 10 scary movies

I love horror movies! I might go as far as to say that it's my favorite movie genre (although action and comedy are both high on my list).

Honorable mention:
Se7en - not super scary, but one of the few movies that I actually screamed out loud at the movie theater (during the scene with the guy and all those air fresheners)
Saw - not so much scary, but what a great plot!

10. Cabin Fever - again, not terrifying, but there are some distrubing scenes. This movie didn't get a not of playing time in the theater, but I absolutely loved it!
9. Wrong Turn - you can't go wrong with a bunch of inbread hicks from the south.
8. Candyman - good old fashioned Chicago movie
7. The Ring - I think it was only scary because I sleep next to a TV, so I couldn't really sleep that night.
6. Jaws - the ocean still scares me!
5. Aminityville Horror (2005) - I honesly can't remember why this movie scared me, but I remember that I left the theater scared.
4. House of 1000 courpes - classic!
3. The Hills Have Eyes - more inbread hicks, but this time from Arizona. I can't wait for the sequel.
2. High Tension - scary and a great plot twist at the end!

And there is a tie for the number 1 spot . . .

1. Hostel - still freaks me out for this day. The images in this movie will haunt you for life.
1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2005) - The next installment comes out on Friday!

So, who agrees with me? Or who has something I missed? Bring it on!