Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

I'm a little behind on my blogging. Everybody always says "December is such a busy month!" Well, for me, it's honestly not, so I don't really have a good excuse.

But way back on 12/4/09, Jonathan and I went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party at the Magic Kingdom. It was raining and freezing. Needless to say, I was NOT excited about going.

Right off monorail was a "lake" we had to walk thru. I figured "what the hell!" and barreled right thru the humongous puddle assuming my feet would get soaked inside the park.

Naturally, they didn't.

Even though it rained all night long, it was a really weird rain. You really couldn't feel it.

The bonus about Mickey's VMCP is the free food. They have free sugar cookies, hot chocolate, apples and apple juice. My goal was to eat as many cookies as possible. I was forced to stop after 3. They are pretty big cookies, and my stomach was not really happy with my decision making.

To kill time before a stage show (that ended up being cancelled b/c of the rain) we road the TTA. For those of you unfamiliar with the TTA, it's a lazy shuttle ride that goes all around Tomorrowland, including inside Space Mountain.

Space Mountain has been under construction lately, but it had opened a couple days prior.

I guess it wasn't 100% ready, b/c the ride was shut down the the lights were on. It was really hard to take pictures because:

A) I'm on a moving vehicle
B) there is a huge pane of glass between you and the ride, so you can't use flash

This is the best I could do.


Urg - I hate to do this!

I've been getting TONS of spam comment on my blog, that I had to add one of those word recognition things.

I always find them annoying ... but I guess it's what the web has come too.


It's Back!!!

The greatest video on You Tube is back.

This video was my birthday gift from my brother in 2008. He likes to give me the "gift of laughter" (which happens to be free).

It disappeared about a month after my birthday, so I was unable to share it with the rest of the world ... but it's back now!

Enjoy my favorite song (Take On Me), but 'literally".

Just trust me and watch ...

Pipe wrench fight!


Merry Christmas!

A classic photo of my brother and I when we lived in Montgomery, IL.

I'm guessing this is the Christmas of '85, or maybe '84. That would make me 9 or 10, and my brother would be about 3 or 4.

Go Bears!

P.S. Yes, I'm wearing stirrup pants.


Happy Birthday to me!

Every year my brother gives me the gift of laughter for my birthday.

Last year it was the "Take on Me Literally" video on You Tube. That is my all time favorite song, and the 'literal' video made me pee my pants from laughing.

This year is no exception.

He introduced me to Randy Moller, the Florida Panther's (NHL) radio announcer.

Every time a goal is scored, he yells "GOOOOOOOOAL ..." then some random movie quote.

Check out this you tube clip. The 2nd one is my favorite.


Final Fail

I know what you're thinking ... "enough with the fail blog already!?!"

Ok - these are the last 3 photos I'll post.

I think the middle one is my favorite. Not that I'm pro-domestic violence or anything, but come on! Who put up this sign?!?


Go green!

More hilarity from the Fail Blog ... although in this case, it's a win!