Laundry Strike - over!

Well, I survived my laundry strike. Now I'll be doing laundry for the next week and a half.

I made it 70 days.

I could've made it a tad longer, but I just didn't want to. I had a dress and a couple skirts left, but day 71 just felt like a jeans day. So I washed 'em and wore 'em.

Now I'm back to picking what ever the heck I want out of my closet, and it feels so good!!


Laundry Strike - Day 69-70

Day 69 - Skirt Tuesday! And it's also freezing outside. So I figured skirt (bare legs) + sweater = warmth. I was dead wrong. Also, why have I never worn this skirt before. I love it!!!

Day 70 - Hippy shirt day! I'm quickly running out of things that match.

Laundry Strike - Day 66-68

Day 66 - Normally I would be wearing my jeans, thermal and thift store sweater (it's cold in Florida!), but I spilled coffee grinds all over them! Have you ever seen those free compost grinds that Starbucks gives away? Well, be careful if you take a bag ...

Day 67 - Wedding wear! Since it's chilly, I'm glad I own 1 almost long sleeve dress.

Day 68 - Since I woke up at the crack of dawn to get a new tire on my car, AND I'm out of jeans, it's sweatpants day at Walmart!


Laundry Strike - Day 64-65

Day 64 - I am rapidly running out of clothing! Could this outfit be any more blah?!?
Day 65 - This is one of my favorite shirts. I like the color, and I like the 3/4 sleeves. Why did I wait so long to wear it?!?


Laundry Strike - Day 60-63

Day 60 - Holy moly, I made it to week 2!

Day 61 - Making some new friends at the Magic Kingdom. Seriously, how cute is Flynn Ryder (character from the new movie Tangled)?

Day 61 - Ok, ok ... you got me. I'm wearing the same shorts as the day before. But I didn't watch them (hence, the laundry strike is still on!). And I'm just running in and out of Walmart ...

Day 62 - Skirt Tuesday. This is the skirt I made a couple months ago.


Adios Halloween!

I love 75% off sales after the holidays!

Let's face it, I don't need any more Halloween decorations or any candy, but I always seem to find a gem in the clearance isle.

Today my big find was 25 cent candles (black, but when they are inside a votive, nobody can tell) and a 2 pack of Halloween underwear for $1! So what if they are black and say "spooky" on the butt (I'm so embarrassed right now)?!? As long as I'm not wearing white shorts, I should be ok.