Always Coca-Cola!

My family took a vacation to Atlanta when I was younger.  I remember touring the Coke plant and drinking  all the different (and weird!) Cokes at the end of the tour.  So I knew Jonathan and I had to do the Coke tour.

They opened a new tour building in 2007.  It was really nice.  We stayed there for over 3 hours!  And it was all self guided.

Always a sucker for a character photo op - we got to met the Coke bear.  Notice he has an Olympic scarf on.

I guess this red couch is from American Idol (a show I do not watch).  And I got to "run" with the Olympic torch!



So I worked screaming fans for OT tonight.  We were screaming for 2 college football teams that were having a joint dinner reception at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

And we got SWAG!  I've never gotten SWAG before while working.  I scored a JSU t-shirt, button and pennant.

Did Walter Payton go to Jackson State University?  If so - jackpot!!!


Braves vs. Cubs

Photos from the Braves vs. Cubs game:

Fight, fight, fight!  Actually, no punches were thrown.  The Cubs pitcher hit a Braves hitter, and the hitter want nuts!  I mean, nobody had been brushed back earlier or anything, so it was clearly an accident.  What a weinie.

We saw a ton of hits by both team.  Mark Kotsay, for the Braves, actually hit for the cycle!  You don't see that every day.  (Hitting for the cy
cle means you get a single, double, triple and a home run - although they don't have to be in that order).

Chip Caray (grandson of Cubs legendary broadcaster Harry Caray) is the Braves radio voice.  We got his autograph before the game!


"Tooner" Field

After a 7 hour drive from Orlando to Atlanta, we dropped off our luggage (at a sexy Red Roof Inn) and headed to Turner Field.  Neither of us have been there before.

Side note - most of our vacations revolve around a baseball game.

Braves vs. Cubs!!!  I was a little scared to wear my Cubs t-shirt.  I didn't want the Braves fans to give me a hard time.  I've been to football games where Bears fans have spit and thrown stuff at people wearing the wrong shirt.  But there were more Cubs fans at the game than Braves fans.

Since Turner (as in Ted Turner) used to own the Braves, they had a HUGE cartoon playland called "Tooner" Field.  Jonathan (who just turned 30) really likes the TV show Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.  And there was a life size replica of the Fosters

The blue guy with the Braves hat is "Bloo".  The tall guy with 1 arm is named "Wilt" (as in Wilt Chamberlin - this imaginary friend likes basketball).

Cute, cute, cute!


Road Trip!

Welcome to Georgia!

For Jonathan's 30th birthday, we wanted to take a trip.  He wanted to go to NYC, but that turned out to be pretty pricey.  So we settled on Atlanta.  We planned to go to a couple Braves games, tour the Braves stadium, and do all the touristy stuff.

I haven't been on a road trip in about 7 years.  Peachy!


Summer with the Inlaws - part 3

Epcot's "ball" (Spaceship Earth) recently put in a new ending.  They take your photo, you answer a couple questions, then they tell you all about your future.

It looks like Jonathan and I will eventually be living in outter space.

David and Liz will own a tree house.

Then, you can e-mail your silly photo to a friend!  It's a great new addition to a (kind-of) boring ride.


Summer with the Inlaws - part 2

More Disney theme parks with Jonathan's brother (David) and Liz.

David and Liz on Buzz Lightyear.  Even though David is a Captain in the Army, I still beat him.  Take that Mr. Cool Cat.

Jonathan super scared on Space Mountain.  Ahhhhh!


Summer with the Inlaws - part 1

Jonathan's younger brother was on leave from Iraq for 2 weeks, and spent 10 days at our house.

Jonathan's parents came for 7 days as well.

Here is his brother David, and his fiance Liz on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  We did all 4 parks in 4 days.  By the end of his 10 day trip, we were all totally Disney-ed out.

You know you're out of shape when ...

... you play recreational co-ed softball, and you're incredibly sore!  Plus, I was playing 1st base, which involves 0 running what so ever!


Great blogs!

Check out these 2 blogs.  You will be laughing so hard you will cry!

1.  Cake Wrecks - it's just like it sounds.  It's a bunch of super, lame, ugly cakes that 'professional' bakers made and charged money for.  Take the time to read the commentary, it's hilarious!

2.  "Quotation" Marks - it's a blog that has photos of random signs all using unnecessary quotation marks.  It's so lame, that it makes me laugh.



Check out these excited tourists I saw at Epcot last week . . .



So the inlaws left my house, and left some food behind ... tomatoes (yuck), Cheese Crackers (yum!) and pistachio (sp?) nuts.

I can honestly say, I've never had pistachios before. I think I've had pistachio ice cream (that's kind-of common, right?).

Let me just say - I LOVE PISTACHIOS!!! I can't stop eating them. If I know my nuts, they are probably high in fat and salt. But I can't stop!!!


Toy Story Mania

Random photos from the new Toy Story Mania ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Notice my rockin' score!  I'm the one to the right.  I beat Jonathan.

Although, don't look too close at our accuracy - not very impressive.


Go Rays!

Mmmmm ... stadium food!

For the past 2 years the Tampa Bay Rays (formerly Devil Rays) played a 3 game se
ries at Disney's Wide World of Sports.  If you bought tickets for a Disney game, they give you 1 free ticket for a game in Tampa.

Since Jonathan and I attended 2 Rays game at Disney, we got 4 free tickets.  We took our friends Bill and Melanie to Tampa.  For the 2nd time this year, I saw the Rays actually win a game!!!

Before the game, Dionner Navaro (the Rays All-Star catcher) signed autographs.  Jonathan and I are always a sucker for an autograph