Laundry Strike - Day 2 & 3

Saturday was jeans day at work (yay!) and Sunday was a day off.

Adios purple super thin shirt that kind-of makes me look pregnant.

Adios favorite t-shirt ever (that I made! Well, I ironed on the hummingbird and flower. Does that count as 'made'?).


Laundry Strike - Day 1

So I've officially begun. I guess I won't see this orange shirt for a while ...


New Challenge - Laundry strike!

Inspired by the 'new dress a day' blog below, and an overstuffed closet, I have a new goal:

I'm going to see how long I can go with out doing
any laundry.

No, this is not a laziness thing, it's just to see how long I can go with wearing what's in my closet only once. No duplicate outfits. Although, am I the only person who wears pants twice before I wash them? Am I totally gross, or totally normal?

Let's face it, we all have "a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear". Well, I'm going to force myself to start wearing stuff.

Now, I anticipate washing:
softball gear
tank tops (I own 2 white and 2 black ones - I figured I'll need to wear them under shirts)

That's it!

How long can I go with wearing only the stuff I own? I'm kind-of excited to find out.

Before you think that I'm a shop-a-holic, I want to prove you wrong. I haven't grown a bit since high school. Don't get jealous, I was not a skinny toothpick in high school.

Also, all my clothes are from the clearance rack at Old Navy, Target and hand me downs. People love to give me hand me downs, and I love to accept them!

So, is anybody with me?


New Dress A Day

I just found the greatest blog!

This girl is taking ugly, outdated dresses (most of them mumus) and trimming and hemming them into super cute things!


An open letter to the AT&T store

Dear AT&T store,

I have a soft spot in my heart for you, since my dad worked for AT&T his entire career. However, I'm kind-of annoyed.

You see, my husband just had a birthday, and his gift to himself was an iphone. This means, to stay on a cheap family plan, I also needed a new AT&T phone. Adios 3 year old Verizon flip phone. Maybe you only made phone calls, but you worked just fine.

Salesman: Are you getting an iphone too?

Me: Noooooooo.

Salesman: What kind of phone do you want?

Me: The free-est phone you have

Salesman: Well, we have this phone here. It's $50, but you get a $50 refund in the mail.

Me: That sounds free enough for me!

Fastforward 2 hours later. Yes, I said TWO hours later. We were at the AT&T store all freaking night!

The salesman rings up my $50 phone. Then he said, "oh, this 2G something-or-other comes with it. It's $20."

Me: I don't want that. I'm not paying $20 for that.

Salesman: It comes with it.

Me: I DON'T WANT THAT. Why would I pay $20 for something I don't want?

Salesman: *looking at me with a lost puppy dog face* This comes with the phone.

Me: What part of "I don't want to purchase this item" don't you understand. What kind of business forces me to purchase an item?

In order to get the heck out of the store in under three hours, we ring up the lame 2G thingy.

We have to go back to the AT&T store to get our Disney discount anyways, so plan to duke this out with the manager.

Sure, it's only $20, but it's the principal of the thing. Why are you forcing me to buy something I don't want?!? That makes the customer happy!



How I almost slept at the airport

So, last Sunday Jonathan and I were scheduled to fly home from Memphis.

Our flight left at 4pm, getting in to Atlanta at 6:50pm. That's plenty of time to catch the 8:50pm connecting flight to Orlando.

Well, when we checked in at Memphis, it said our flight was delayed until 4:50pm. Again, no real problem there (except now I have to wait longer - blah!).

4:50pm comes and goes.

5:30pm arrives. No updates what so ever. I ask a supervisor, "do I have time to wander around the airport and find some dinner? Or could we possibly pick up and leave at any minute?" He says, "you have plenty of time!"


6:30pm comes and goes, and the finally make an announcement. We will leave at 7pm. So everybody with a connecting flight line up and we'll see what the plan is.

Well, we're not going to make our connecting flight now. We're booked on the 11:15pm flight to Orlando, which arrives at 12:40pm.

Our car is parked at some mom & pop car place.

The mom & pop car place closes at midnight.

We're going to be trapped at the Orlando airport from 12:40pm to 5am (when the place opens again).

So when we land in Atlanta, we find a 10:30pm flight to Orlando (why weren't' we just booked on that one?!?) and sprint to that boarding area. They put us on standby, but 10 minutes later, we're allowed to board!

We're not sitting together, but who cares! We'll get to Orlando by 11:50am and we can get our car!

10:30pm comes and goes

10:40pm comes and goes

10:45pm comes and goes

We need to leave NOW or we're going to miss our car!!!

We finally leave at 10:50pm and land at 11:55pm.

The minute we can use cell phones, Jonathan calls. They will leave right now to pick us up and bring us to our car. Sweet.

We sprint off the plane and sprint down to where public transportation is (we have no checked bags, thank goodness).

As we spring to parking spot A13 (where they said they would be parked) the van is pulling away!!! We wave and yell, "hey, we're here!"

Thankfully the cranky pants guy stops, lets us on ... and everything is saved.

I must admit, I was kind-of looking forward to camping out at MCO just to say "I spend the night at the airport!", but sleeping in my own bed was great too.