Ears to you kid

This blog post is for my friend Monica, who just had a baby.
She sent out this adorable birth announcement, and this is the magnet we choose to display it with.
In typical Monica fashion, the baby will be visiting Walt Disney World before his 5 month birthday!


Hello ... hello ... hello

Yesterday Jonathan and I tore the carpeting out of "my" bedroom (one of our spare rooms).  It was really gross carpeting.  There were rust colored stains all over.  What the heck causes a rust color stain?

Anyway, fake wood flooring was on sale at Lowes, so we bought a bunch, and now we're ready to install it.

Strange phenomenon:  when you remove carpeting from a room, the entire room echos.  Every free moment, Jonathan runs into my room and yells, "hellllooooooo!"

Tune in later for photos of the finished product.


Great Quote!

"Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest." -Mark Twain (1835-1910)


Digi Scraping

Just showing off some of the digital scrapbooking I've done over the past month. I still highly recommend it over paper scrapping. It's so much faster and less expensive.

Check out my favorite designer's blog - Britt-ish designs!


A classic photo

This photo of my brother and I reading in my twin bed was taken sometime in '87, '88 or '89.

I remember this was my room when we lived in Freehold, NJ, and we only lived there for about 3 years.

Oh yeah - that's my trombone in the left hand corner. And my brother is sporting some footy pjs.


My Favorite Photo

This is my favorite photo of all time.

That's my brother on the right hand side, with the wildly curly blonde hair.

Those kids in the awesome retro Brewers jackets are Tom and Jeremy, who lived across the street from us when I was in grade school.

My family is still close with their family.


Star Wars Weekends

Ok, I'm only about 2 months late on posting these photos. Star Wars Weekends were in May/June at Studios.

Jonathan and I go every year to meet the celebrities. But now, 6 years later, it's the same celebrities. And they are also bringing people from the Clone Wars movie, which I haven't even seen yet.

Anyway, they had some fun photo spots around Studios. I especially like the 'storm trooper head' photo. Disney should make way more of those!



Jonathan and I recently stayed at Bay Lake Tower (or BLT as the cool kids call it).

But let me back up ...

Ever since Jonathan saw this stuffed dog (Dug, from the movie Up), he's wanted one. So I planned to buy one for his birthday.

Then we went to Studios one random day, and all the Up merchandise was gone. No more Dugs! Jonathan freaks out, drives to Downtown Disney and attempts to buy one. This is the day BEFORE I was going to buy one for him. Why does he always buy stuff for himself a week BEFORE his birthday.

So I grabbed it out of his hand, and paid for it myself. I took it to work to hide it (even though it wasn't going to be a surprise anymore).

Then, I dropped it off at BLT the day before our stay there. I asked the front desk to put it in our room, so it would be a surprise when we walked in.

Ta-da! Dug sitting on our bed watching TV. It was a total surprise!


Mickey Monsters

I think these are called "Mickey Monsters". I've seen them at Epcot at Studios so far.

I think they are just adorable! Although they seem to take away a little bit from the Disney brand ...

I guess we'll see how well they sell.


My husband in the kitchen

We had about a zillion oranges for a while (b/c we picked them ourselves in Florida), and they were getting old pretty soon.  You can see the huge pile of oranges in the blue bowl.
I caught Jonathan cutting oranges one day, and it was so darn cute that I took a photo of him.

He just loves it when I post photos on my blog ...



Jonathan and I always seem to do this...
The newest Disney character is always at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  There always seems to be a trio.
And we can NEVER find the 3rd character.
We went to Studios for weeks and weeks and weeks to find Emile from Ratatooie (sp?).  It took us a while to stalk the hamster from Bolt.
It only took us 3 stalkings to finally find Russell (the cute kid) from Up.  Although I think Dug, the dog is my favorite.  He's too cute!


Team Howald

Jonathan's brother got married about a month ago at the La Playa Resort in Naples, FL.

One of his genius ideas was to give everybody at the wedding a TEAM HOWALD t-shirt.

It made everybody staying at the La Playa resort mini celebrities. The staff knew who everybody was, and all the other guests at the resort knew that a 'Howald' was getting married.

Pretty cool stuff (I'm actually wearing my t-shirt right now!).


Bay Lake Tower Artwork

Jonathan got a sneak peak at Bay Lake Tower (at the Contemporary) the other day. I was super jealous.

He got some pretty sweet photos. Check out the cool artwork and the rug (in the living room of the Grand Villa).

We get to stay there on TONIGHT - yay!

More photos by Jonathan, check out my Disney Photo-A-Day blog.