Broken Promises

Well, it's day 3, and I didn't have a hot dog today. I broke the 1 vow I made for this trip.

For the Indians vs. Blue Jays game we had "party deck" seats. So we had a huge FREE spread of food from 6-8pm. I had a pulled pork sandwich and mac 'n cheese ... and 3 cookies. The cookies were garnished with blueberries, and I also ate 2 lbs of blueberries.

The Indians Stadium (Progressive Field) was my least favorite so far.

A - it was just kind-of boring
B - there was nothing featuring the movie Major League
C - they didn't sell ice cream in a helmet

It was Jonathan's favorite stop so far, because:

A - he bought a t-shirt for $6
B - he got a free Shin-Soo Choo bobblehead
C - he got to see a Shin-Soo Choo homerun
D - free food!

Tomorrow we have a short 3 hour drive to Pittsburgh for the Pirates vs. Phillies. Go Pirates!


Home run!

Woah - we just saw an awesome game in Cincinnati!

The Reds were down by 3. 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth. 2 men on. Votto, the Reds best hitter is up to bat. I'm complaining that nobody has hit a home run yet because I want to see the smoke stacks shoot off fireworks ...


3 run home run to straight away center! Reds tie the game!

Phillies score 3 runs in the top of the 10th to win ... but who cares! It was a great game.

Plus, the Red's mascot, Mr. Redlegs, is such a cutie with his handlebar mustache.

It's 11:09pm, and we have to wake up at 7am tomorrow morning to move on to Cleveland.

Zzzzzzz ...

Go Brew Crew!

One baseball game down, 5 more to go!

Jonathan and I are in full vacation mode. We're doing a Jay Buckley baseball trip. We flew into Milwaukee yesterday morning, went to a Brewers game last night, and now we're headed off to Cincinnati.

Eventually we'll also make stops in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Chicago (Cubs).

Contrary to what you're probably assuming ... I picked this vacation! My dad used to get a Jay Buckley brochure every year in the mail, but we never went on a trip. So I'm finally going!

My goal is to eat a hot dog in every stadium (although, last night they gave us free brats at a tail gate party, so that kind-of counts) AND ice cream in a helmet!

Let me tell you, the ice cream at Miller Park (Brewers) was enormous! The mini helmet was filled to the brim. The first thing I did was spill chocolate sauce on my tennis shoe. So now it looks like somebody pooped on them.

Well, it's 7:15am, and we have to board the bus to Cincinnati. I've got some pretzels, Back to the Future 1 & 2 and my Snuggle. Let's roll!


Stephen Colbert declares war on the Marshall Islands

I record the Colbert Report ever night, because, let's face it, I can't stay up that late to watch it.

Last Tuesday (or maybe it was Wednesday), Stephen talked about something that nobody ever mentions ... the Marshall Islands!

Unfortunately, the giant rig that's spilling all the oil is registered to the Marshall Islands.

June 16 at 3:52PM
Stephen Colbert Declares War on The Marshall Islands (Which Apparently Is a Place Supposedly)
POSTED BY: Dennis DiClaudio
Fun fact: The Republic of the Marshall Islands is not where the Matthew McConaughey movie We Are Marshall takes place, but it is the place with the highest rate of leprosy in the entire world. Lots of people don't get those things confused.

Click here for hilarious video.