Lots-O-Huggin' Bear

Why didn't I get a Lot-O-Huggin' Bear when I was little?!?

Oh right ... b/c this commercial is fake!

Pixar, you're a genius. And Toy Story 3 is going to rule.


I love it when things work out ...

So for the past 3 years (no joke) I've been looking at bathroom lights at Lowes. Every time I go to Lowes for anything, and Jonathan lets me, I walk down the lights isle. We have those stupid, ugly bar lights with round bulbs on it.

So a week ago, they FINALLY went on sale! Jackpot. I bought a 3 bulb fixture for the small bathroom and a 4 bulb fixture for the master bathroom. I wasn't sure which glass globe-y thing to buy, so I bought a cheep ugly small one and an expensive big one. I was hoping I would eventually learn to live with the small one.

Fast forward to today (one week later). I go to Lowes again to buy some flowers and, what the heck, let's walk down the lights isle.

The lights I bought last week are even MORE on sale! I can take my receipt back and get more money.

And that big expensive globe-y thing I bought. Those are 50% off! Now I don't have to leave to live with the cheep ugly small one. The big nice ones are now the same price as the cheep ugly small ones.

Jackpot!!! I just love when everything works out perfectly.


An open letter to Target customers

Dear Posner Park Target customers on 4/7/10:

I apologize for my smelliness. You see, I rolled out of bed at 8:30am, put on 100% clean clothes, but didn't shower. My plan was to go to Lowes, buy some clearance plants, and come home and planet them. Hence getting really dirty in the process.

You know those photos of people baking, and there is flower all over the kitchen and all over their body? Well, that's me when I'm gardening. I'm covered in dirt head to toe somehow.

Anyway, after a disappointing Lowes trip (no plants on clearance!!!) I thought, I think I'll run to Target.

Low and behold, they had tank tops for $2. Oh man ... did I feel guilty trying them on and not buying them. I just have to stink, and I'm trying on clothes.

So person trying on the $2 tanks after me ... I'm sorry!


P.S. Hey Target! Why is your Easter candy only 30% off. Easter was 3 days ago. You're lame.


"Short people got no reason ..."

Seriously, who wrote that song, and what's it all about?

I'm pretty short. I've been short all my life. To be honest, I don't think I'm short at all, since I've never known any thing different. It's only when I see photos of myself with a group of people I think, "holy cow, I look ridiculous!"

<-- I'm the ridiculous looking one!

Anyway, there are many perks to being short:

1. Airplane seats are comfortable.

2. More airplane perks, I can put my tray table down, and take a nap on it.

3. Need sombody to crawl behind the washing maching to get something ... I'm your girl.

4. I can fit my hand inside a Pringles can.

5. At sporting events, I don't have to stand up when you want to walk past me, I just lean back and you can fit around my legs.

6. Middle seats in cars aren't uncomfortable.

7. Back to airplanes. You know the emergency exit row? I can (seriously) stretch my legs straight out and NOT reach the seat in front of me.

8. Need somebody to crawl under the desk at work and plug or unplug somebody? No problem.

9. Shortness almost always equals cuteness.

10. You can always hem your pants. Adding more fabric to pants because you're too tall is way trickier.

11. I don't fall down. Ever. I never trip and fall. I'll trip and stumble a little. I'll even slip on something wet. But I never, ever fall. (I realize I'm totally jinxing myself by writing this). I think it's because I'm lower to the ground.

Come on short people ... who's got more reasons why being short is awesome?!


Pook a looz

Pook a looz are finally for sale at the Disney store!

I saw the Pook a looz at the D23 expo, and they were the cutest things I've ever seen! At the expo they had small key chain size ones and the larger beanie baby-ish sized ones.

Check out the Disney Store's website. Be sure to have your cuteness glasses on!


An open letter to Boston

Dear Boston,

Before I visited you I didn't like you. I'm not sure why. I think it's a sports thing. As a Rays fan, I normally find Red Sox fans annoying. And the Patriots ... I'm tired of you winning all the time. Lame reasoning, I know.

So I just got back from Boston and it was a really cool city! Parts of the city reminded me of New Orleans. It's a really old city. It was founded in the 1600's (I think). So there are parts of the city where the streets are really tiny, and the brick buildings are all smashed together to make room for expansion.

And Boston Bruins fans - you are the best! I wore my Tampa Bay Lightning hat to the Bruins game. I anticipated somebody would punch me in the face, spill something on me, or at least make a comment about how the Lightning suck. None of those things happened! Maybe it was because the Lightning whooped the Bruins, or maybe it's because Bruins fans are super cool.

Reason #1 why I could move to Boston: I love wearing toboggans (stocking hats)!

Reason #2: The public transportation system rules. I would never have to drive again.

Reason #3: I found a cool paper store. I could've stayed in there all day.

Reason #1 why I could not move to Boston: I look terrible in boots. Every single girl had boots on. My short legs just don't cut the boots scene.

So Boston, I apologize for judging the book by it's cover. You are pretty darn cool.