"You know what really grinds my gears?"

(That's a quote from Peter Griffin from Family Guy)

It's time for my yearly rant!  I don't really rant about too many things, but this really annoys me for some reason.

Why do people address a letter (specifically a Christmas Card) to Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan *Smith*?

I did change my name to *Smith* when I got married, but I don't remember changing my name from Amber to Jonathan as well!

Now, if you are a friend or relative of Jonathan's, and you don't know my first name, but I guess I can understand why the envelope didn't have my first name on it.  But it still really annoys me.


YouTube Tuesdays

And the finale of my 3 favorite classic rock songs.

"No Stairway" - Wayne's World

Enjoy Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin.  (Honestly, I just love the end with the rockin' guitar.  Fast forward to 5 minutes and 30 seconds, and start rocking!).


Let's go Blues!

Yesterday Jonathan, his parents and I went to a St. Louis Blues game.

They were playing the San Jose Sharks.  For all those who don't follow hockey, the Sharks are the #1 team in the league.  They've only lost 3 games all season (or something ridiculo
us like that).

During a time out, they were showing fans on the big screen.  At one point they showed a San Jose Sharks fan (eating a soft pretzel), and we all 'boo'ed' (but they were nice 'boos', I promise!)

Then the Sharks fan dropped a piece of his pretzel (on the gross stadium floor), picked it up and ate it!  All this was on the big screen.  The entire stadium was cracking up!  He had no clue we were all laughing at him.  It was hilarious!!!


Scraplift this!

I've started traveling with my mac book (I'm so cool huh?) because I have ample opportunity to scrapbook at my in-laws house.

Here is one page I whipped up while watching Ice Age 2.

Actually - I totally cheated on it.  It's a 'quick page', meaning everything is already made for me, I just pasted a photo.  I also added the date and the little "you and me" words.  I'm so talented huh?!?

Merry Christmas all over again!


Merry Christmas!

As we all know, Jesus is the reason for the season ... but getting presents is pretty fun too!

Here are some photos from 12/23, when Jonathan and I exchanged our gifts.

Growing up, I never got (or wanted) a "big" gift.  I enjoy receiving small stuff.  Maybe it's quantity over quality (although all my small stuff is quality).

Notice we each bough each other hats.  I got a super cool Chicago Bears hat (from Walmart of all places!) and I got Jonathan 
a Rays World Series (there's a patch on the side) hat.


Merry Christmas!

Jonathan and I celebrated Christmas today!

Since we're flying to Jonathan's home town (in Missour-a) on 12/24/08 at 7:05am (yikes!), we opened our presents tonight.  I didn't want to have to haul them on an airplane.

We decided to have a $100 limit this year.  Actually, that was Jonathan's idea - which totally surprised me.  He's normally not one for budgeting.

We each makes lists for each other.  Jonathan makes a list of 4 things - and I buy those 4 things (pretty easy!).  I make a list of about 25 things, so I'll be surprised.  I like my gifts to be surprises.

Jonathan bought me some Mary Jane crocs (but in chocolate brown).  Yay!

YouTube Tuesdays

Continuing with my 3 favorite songs on my favorite Classic Rock radio station.

I can hear the fans now - FREE BIRD!

Enjoy Free Bird, by Lynard Skynard.


When Refs Attack!

In the Rams game yesterday, a Rams running back made a quick cut to the right to avoid a tackler.  

Unfortunately a ref was standing right there (where refs always stand) and they ran right into each other.

You would think the huge, bulky Rams player would've plowed right thru the ref.

Not this time - the ref put his arm up to 'protect him', and he totally took the Rams player down.

Check out these hilarious photo.  It looks like the ref is punching the Rams player in the face, but I assure you, the play was totally harmless.


Fashion 101

If you're like me, and don't own very many clothes, getting dressed for work isn't a big theatrical show.  I've got about 10 shirts, and probably about 7 pairs of pants, and they pretty much all mix and match.  Zzzzzzzzz.

Then there's always those couple shirts that move to the back of the closet, for one reason or another.

I found those shirts today.  I put 'little used button up shirt' underneath 'little used sweater' today, and I loved it!

No big deal to most, but I felt cool all day long.  It was like wearing new clothes!


My favorite song - literally

So my birthday was Monday, and my brother (who lives in Illinois) called to say 'hey'.  

We don't really do gifts anymore, but he called to give me "the gift of laughter".

He said, "what's your favorite '80s song."

I said, "Take On Me, by A-ha (but of course!")

He said, "Excellent.  Go to You Tube and search for 'Take On Me Literally'."

I did, and I nearly peed my pants laughing.  This video is classic, and this 'literal' version is hilarious.

Basically, some (random) You Tube genius took the original classic video, and the original music, and created an entire new song based on the wacko scenes in the video.

Click here immediately - you won't be disappointed.

P.S.  Pipe wrench fight!


YouTube Tuesdays

On the weekends, when I'm driving around, I listen to 102.5 FM.  They play Classic Rock.
I'm always waiting to hear my 3 favorite songs.  If one of these songs is playing, you don't touch the radio (you hear me Jonathan!).  If I'm by myself, and I'm almost at my destination, I'll probably sit in the car and listen to the rest of the song.

Last Sunday within a 2 hour time frame I heard all 3 songs.  That might have been the greatest day ever.

Here is one of those songs.  Enjoy Simple Kind of Man, by Lynard Skynard.


Wheel of Fortune!

Jonathan and I just got home from Sea World, where they were taping *everybody yell it now* Wheel ... Of ... Fortune!

It was so cool to watch!  Waiting in line for almost 2 hours to get in wasn't fun, but the taping totally made up for it.

Before it all started, they brought in a huge seal who did a bunch of tricks (like waving, hiding his face in shame ('oh no - bankrupt!') and clapping).  They are going to fuse those tricks into the final edit of the show.  Then they took a bunch of crowd shots that they will also fuse in.  We were sitting pretty far back, so I doubt I'll be on tv.

However, look for me March 16, 17 and 18 next year!!  You might see me.  And if you do watch Wheel of Fortune on March 16, 17 or 18, I'll give you a hint ... "bold move".  Trust me, you'll thank me later.


Cars Toys

My husband collects Cars toys (Cars - as in the Disney/Pixar movie Cars).  Yes, he's 30 years old and collects little cars.  I must admit, they are super cute.  Each car has cute little eyes and a cute little mouth.

Every since the movie came out in 2006, they've been introducing car after car after car!  Lightning McQueen, Lightning McQueen w/ his tongue hanging out, L McQ painted blue, L McQ with white wall tires, L McQ with cactus pieces on him and more (I'm not kidding).
Jonathan has pulled back a little bit.  He doesn't buy every single car anymore.  He just buys the unusual ones.

We found this little cutie at Walmart yesterday.  I guarantee that nobody can tell me where she (Jonathan says it's a 'he', but I'm calling her a 'she') is in the actual movie - but who cares!  It's Disney and it's a collectable!

Her name is Tank Coat Pitty.  I love her!


YouTube Tuesdays

Jonathan calls this the "Amber" commercial, b/c he thinks I'm angry enough to actually do this.  I don't think so, not for a burger anyways!  ;0)


Merry Christmas!

Who is Jonathan's favorite Disney character?

Click here to find out (and turn up the volume!!!)

Last Thursday Jonathan and I went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  I wanted to go for all the free cookies and hot chocolate.  Jonathan wanted to go to meet Scrooge McDuck.

It's not every day you meet somebody who's favorite Disney character is Scrooge.  Heck, it's not very day that you meet somebody who knows who Scrooge McDuck is!


Ride 'em Segway!

Over the summer, when Jonathan's brother was on leave from Iraq, they all came to visit.

(from left to right, Jonathan's mom, Jonathan, his brother's fiance, his dad, his brother and me!)

We all did the Segway tour at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

While it was a little pricey, it was a lot of fun!

Notice the giant 'off road' tires on the segways.  We could ride these things anywhere - grass, dirt, sand, over tree limbs (small tree limbs).

It was a really long tour too.  I highly recommend it!


Movie Yak

Wow - there are 4 new movie posts on movie yak TODAY!  And none of them are mine.

Yeah Movie Yak contributers - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Laundry Issues

So I haven't washed our bed sheets in a while (no, this isn't why I labeled this post 'embarrassing').  

So after work I rushed to do 3 loads of laundry (1 bottom sheet, 1 top sheet and 1 thin blanket.  Can I fit both sheets in 1 load?  I'm kind-of paranoid that the load of laundry will be too full.  Anyways, I just through in various clothes with each sheet, so it's a win+win.)

So I washed sheet #1 - done.  Washed the blanket - done.  Then I washed sheet #2 ... or did I?  When I went into the bedroom, I realized sheet #2 was still in a rumpled mess on the bed.  I had washed sheet #1 all over again!

I was so annoyed!  Plus I hate wasting water with an unnecessary load of laundry.  Grrrrrrr.


YouTube Tuesdays

I heard this song on the radio (some Rhianna song or something?).

In case you haven't seen this chubby kid on You Tube, have a look.  Maya hee!!