Top 5 Things I'm Afraid Of

1. Snakes. We have them in Florida. I found a snakeskin this evening on a jog around the block. One was sitting on my doormat earlier this year. And another one lives in my flower bed. Yuck

2. Cockroaches. My heart stops every time I see one. Stupid humid Florida weather - they are everywhere!

3. Driving in the pouring rain. Just makes me really, really nervous.

4. Max, my neighbor's dog. He likes to hang out in the garage, leash free. Then, when an unexpecting jogger runs buy, he charges out of the garage, gets in your face and barks really loud. He hasn't jumped on me yet, but he's run half way down the road to 'get' me. This is when I change up my jogging route for the day.

5. These stupid things! Who invented them? I mean, what the business?!? I juste want the delicious rolls inside, but I have to have a mini heart attack just to get to them.


Cinnamon vs. Chili

Really Walmart ... really?

Did you HAVE to label your generic cinnamon with the exact same color system as the chili powder?

I can't tell you how many times I've reached for the chili powder instead of the cinnamon.

Thankfully, I've never actually USED the chili instead of cinnamon ... but that seems to be a mistake that anybody could easily make.



Project 365

If you're not facebook friends with me, I'm taking the "Project 365" (taking a photo a day) challenge. So far, I've only had one day where I was about to go to bed and though, "crap, I haven't taken a photo yet!"

One of the unexpected perks I've discovered is that I often take 4 or 5 photos a day, just to make sure that the photo I choose is a good one.

So I give you: February 10, 2010 ... the rejected photos.

I sleep in socks. I've discovered that most people find this to be very odd, but socks are the key to warmth. I always seem to wake up with one sock dangling off my toes. It's a physics miracle that the sock hasn't completely fallen off, yet it always stays on. I got these awesome socks for Christmas.

This is what I do with my days off. I sit at our kitchen table and screw around on the computer. My feet barely touch the ground in the chairs, I so always sit with my legs folded up like this. It's doesn't get much sexier than this! I'm rocking my Bears sweatshirt, my striped socks, PJs I bought at a thrift store and no shower.

It's been officially 1 month since the WDW marathon, and 30% of my
toenails are still pretty ugly. They don't hurt, and they don't look like they are going to fall off. I hope they get better before flip flop season. Since I live in Florida, flip flop season is all the time!

I gave Jonathan his Valentine's day gift early, since I had an entire day at home by myself. I made these cheesy Princess and the Frog inspired cupcakes. Those are supposed to be little frog eyes sticking out of water. All I know is that they are delicious!

If you're reading this on facebook, this is my blog uploading to facebook. If you have a blog, I'd love to add it to my google reader!



Last year I was introduced to Super Bowl Bingo. It's so much fun. I love watching football, but Bingo just makes the game extra fun, especially if you don't really care who wins and who loses. I highly recommend it!

Here's how it works:
1. Make blank Bingo sheets
2. Write down about 35 or 40 things that can happen during the game and during commercials.
3. Cut them out, pick them out of a hat, and fill out your game board.
4. As the stuff happens in the game, cross them off your sheet
5. I think the rest is self explanatory.

Here's a couple things I crossed off this year:
Pierre Thomas touchdown
Injury time out
2 point conversion (I didn't think that would happen!)
40+ yard field goal
Joseph Addai touchdown
Commercial with monkey

Here are some thing I didn't get to cross off:
Reggie Bush touchdown
Failed challenge
30+ yard run
Face mask penalty
Fat, shirtless fan in the stand sighting
Interception (there was an interception, but since it was run back for a touchdown, I crossed off "Defensive TD" instead of interception)


Urban Dictionary: Amber

So this is all over facebook, but I figured I'd throw it on my blog:

"Go to urban dictionary.com and search for your name!"

I assumed I would find something about Amber the fossil or Amber the gem.

Instead I found this beauty:
An extremely attractive girl whos flirty personality and curvacious figure will keep you coming back for more. She's typically a brunette but occasionally acts blonde. She enjoys long relationships and has many close guy friends. Often mistaken for a "slut" but really isn't. She can also be a super bitch if you get onto her bad side.
"dude, i want to hang out with that girl, shes such an Amber"

Wow - not even close. I guess I am a brunette, and I do have more guy friends than girl friends. And that attractive thing is spot on ... riiiiight!

Good times though!



So you might have read this on my facebook page ... but here is the story again.

Long story short:
I hit a duck today!

Short story long:
So I'm driving home from work on the road that does by Downtown Disney, Boardwalk and Hollywood Studios. As I accelerate from the light to enter Studios I see something out of the corner of my eye.

Turns out to be a duck (a pretty good sized mallard), flying towards the Boardwalk Inn from Studios. Why it's flying only about 4' off the ground is beyond me. I mean, the stupid bird has the ENTIRE sky to fly in, and he flies at car level.

Instead of slamming on my breaks, I just let a loud swear word fly, close my eyes for a second and *bam*. I smashed the duck with my wind shield.

First words of out my mouth to my carpool buddy were, "what just happened?!?".

Seconds words out of my mouth were, "Where's my camera when I need it?!?"

I immediately looked in my rearview mirror, but I didn't see the duck on the ground. Maybe it escaped unharmed. I did have some random liquid on my windshield, but no feathers or anything.

Looking back, I guess I'm thankful that my windshield didn't crack or anything.

Crazy stuff!