Happy Black Friday!!!

I went to Super Wal-mart around 9am (somebody offered to take me at 3:45am, but that was a little nuts even for me) this morning. They had some stuff that I wanted for myself on sale. And since I'm on "vacation" (in Missour-A) visiting Jonathan's parents, for some reason it's ok to splurge.

In their ad I had made a list of things (none of which I needed): $4 crock pot, $4 chopper, $60 sewing machine, $50 pots and pans set and $159 digital camera.

They still had the 2 expensive things: sewing machine & digital camera.

I hee-haw'ed back and forth, and decided to purchase the sewing machine. I don't have a sewing machine (not that I sew much), so that was my reasoning. I already have a digital camera - so I'll wait until mine is broken to buy a new one.

Luckily for me, we stopped at ANOTHER Wal-mart on the way home (not a "Super" Wal-mart). They still had the $4 kitchen appliances. I decided that I didn't really need a $4 chopper, and the crock pot was really tiny. Although the pot would've been really sweet for chips & dip or something small.

However, I did see a large crock pot for only $15! Bingo!

So now I have 2 giant boxes to take home with me from Missour-A.

Happy (official start to the) Holidays!!!


The ultimate insult!

So yesterday I went with Jonathan to his hockey game.

If you are unfamiliar with hockey, each player has an enoumous amount of equipment. Any body reading this blog could EASILY fit into a hockey players duffle bag. They are enoumous.

Anyways, he asks me to watch his enoumous bag of stuff while he goes to the bathroom. So I'm standing in the hallway, right next to a huge bag.

A kid (although he looked about 35) who was there for the "open skate (aka: jr. high/high school hot spot)" asks me, "are you a hockey mom?"

(in my mind) "What?!? Do I look old enough to have a hockey playing child?!?"

In my defence, I was looking pretty crappy ... but still ... OUCH!


It's only 11/11, but . . .

. . . I have my Christmas stuff out.

Well, not really "out", but I did get it out of the garage. I unpacked everything, and it's laying on the floor in the spare bedroom.

Next weekend I'll be busy (working OT), and the weekend of Thanksgiving I'll be in Missouri. That's normally the week I would put everything up.

So this week was really just "prep" for when ever I put it up for real.

I just feel like it's too soon ... but I'm excited!