Steven Curtis Chapman

Add this name to the "famous people I've met" list - Steven Curtis Chapman. He's a Christian singer. He's actually won a ton of Grammys and also the Christian version of a Grammy. Jonathan's dad is related to his touring manager. Steven was performing at Epcot, so we met Jonathan's relative back stage, said 'hi' to Steven, then got front row seats to the Christmas caroling concert. It was very cool. **Also, just to rub it in - it's going to be 80 degrees today!!!**


I work hard for the money!

Here is a picture of me hard at work! I work in cube-land. Cubes as far as the eye can see! My desk is relatively clean b/c I just moved cubes; I got a different job.

I used to answer telephone calls and make reservation for DVC (Disney Vacation Club) timeshare owners. But now I got "promoted" (no pay raise). Now I work on paperwork - called the "support team". Out of 130 people, only 9 get picked for support team, so I was shocked when they told me I was hired!

Thursdays stink b/c I have to work from 9-7pm. Hooray for overtime!

What is everybody doing for New Years Eve?


Happy day after Christmas

Otherwise known as DISCOUNT SHOPPING DAY! I bought some great stuff (including clothes for myself - not very Christmasy huh?) at Target for only $1.18 (ok, I cheated b/c I had a $25 gift card) and only $16 at Walmart (I bought 16 things!). Now I need to sit back and wait for next weekend when 50% changed to 75% off!

This is my 4th day off in a row. Now that I think about it, that's never ever happened to me before. Normally I only take days off when I'm going on a vacation, or somebody is visiting me in Florida. I figured I would be horribly bored, all by myself for 4 days (since my boyfriend is in Missouri), but the time has actually flown by! I'm kind-of bummed to go back to work tomorrow. (And the first day of the week is always sooooooo busy at work; it's not fun to look forward to).

Last night (Christmas day) I enjoyed a good meal at a friend's house and a victory by the Chicago Bears! I felt kind-of bad, b/c I forced her and her other friends to watch football. I also ate Thanksgiving dinner at her house, and had tourtured them with 2 football games. I'll never be invited back there again!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas - 2005 from Bill and Gayle in Buffalo, NY

A little snow, but no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no tornados, no mudslides, no tsunamis, no forest fires, no traffic jams.

Two visitors to our back yard on Christmas Eve 2005.


2005 WDW Christmas Party

Last weekend I was busy with 2 Christmas parties. Jonathan's party was on Friday, Dec 16 at Epcot. The them was "Under the Sea." My party was Saturday, Dec 17 at Epcot. Anybody have a guess at my party's theme? You got it - "Under the Sea".

Here are some picture from my friend Kelly (red hair and green shirt - very Christmasy!). I didn't have a digital camera until 2 days ago (when Jonathan TOTALLY surprised me with one for Christmas).

I was pretty proud of my outfit. I bought the dress at Old Navy (on sale). The earrings and the blue sash are both from the "1 spot" at Target (the $1 section - I love that section!). My whole outfit was probably less then $20.

Jonathan's party was a lot of fun. I used to work with him in his department at Disney, so all my old friends were there. His party also had charicatur (sp?) artists, a live band, people on stilts dressed up as huge coral reefs and a really cool free photograph. My party just used all the old decorations and had a lame DJ. Still, both parties had free food, so it was all worth it! Plus, dressing up once a year is fun!

I'm still learning how to post pictures here. I use www.snapfish.com for all digital pictures. Posting them is fairly easy, but formatting the words around the pictures can be quite a challange!

Walmart vs. Jurassic Park

It's Christmas Eve night, and the big debate in my head is "go to Walmart or watch Jurassic Park 2 on DVD". Jurassic Park 2 won. Saving money normally wins in my head.

I went to Walmart yesterday, and they had some really cute (hard plastic) plates. Even though I just bought 6 Mickey/Hawaiian plates from Disneyland last month, I want these new plates! I need some hobbies. I plan to hit Target and Walmart the day after Christmas for some sales anyway. I guess I'll save gas (even though it's down to $2.12/gallon here in Florida).

Thank goodness Jonathan bought me a 3 disc DVD set of all the Jurassic Park movies for my birthday!!! They are keeping me company for the 6 days he's in St. Louis with his parents for the holidays.

Merry Christmas Eve!

The hot new Christmas decoration

These inflatable snow globes are everywhere! As opposed to most annoying Christmas fads, I actually think these are cute. In the picture you can see the snow "falling" in the globe (the stringy looking white streaks).

Merry Christmas Eve!


Testing, testing ...

I am soooooo behind in the times. I'm just now hopping on the blog-train. *choo-choo*

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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