Universal Studios

Last weekend Jonathan and I went to Universal Studios. We didn't go on many rides (b/c they make us both sick - we're both such wimps). We did walk around, ate Chinese food (they have the best!) and took some photos. 

The Office is the best 1/2 hour on TV - check it out on Thursday nights.

And I got a kick out of the Back to the Future characters. They looked and sounded just like the movie!



At work I was nominated for Partners In Excellence (PIE) for short. Less than 10% of Disney employees have won the award, so it's a pretty big honor. You get nominated by your peers, then 3 people write a mini essay about you. Then a committee desides if you deserve to win or not. Just to be nominated is a huge honor. Out of the 130 people in my office, only 6 people were nominated. I'll find out in May if I win. If I do, I get a cool pin for my name tag, that signifies that I'm a "partner", and you get a nice statue of Walt and Mickey holding hands. I'm not holding my breath that I'll win (most people are nominated a couple times before they win); normally managers and important people win, but I'm still pretty excited! Jonathan was also nominated by somebody in his office. I was chose by a colleague to write the mini essay on her. It's due on Friday!


It's HOOPS time!

With the start of the NCAA basketball tourney, I got sixteen people from the airport staff to each randomly select one team from each of the four regions. We didn't pay anything to play--it's just for fun but I told everybody that if one of their teams wins they can have a week off from work! (The boss had something to say about that but I just ignored her.) I got two good teams: #1-Memphis and #2-Tennessee and then a couple of #14's. I made a big poster for the bracket results and hung it on our wall and I dedicated one computer in our office for updating all the results. (One girl had ALL her teams eliminated when the first round was only half over!) Some people know nothing about the game and the teams but are really enjoying the competition among their co-workers. One of my #14 seeds beat Friendjoe's #3 and I WON'T LET HIM FORGET IT! If you haven't gotten involved, why not start something with the second round or so--it's a lot of fun!


Top 5 TV Shows

Since I can't think of anything to write about, I'm going to list my TOP 5 TV SHOWS (that are on TV right now):
1. CSI - the originals (although the other 2 versions are pretty good too).
2. Family Guy
3. Simpsons
4. The Office
5. Numb3rs


Happy Birthday Larry!

I guess the title says it all ... Happy Birthday Dad!


ESPN the weekend

On Saturday Jonathan and I spend the day at MGM Studios. ESPN had invaded the park. Here are some pictures of Dr. J, David Robinson and Karl Malone on a tiny couch, Jerry Rice (from Dancing with the Stars), and Chris Berman (you can turn on ESPN with out seeing Chris Berman). It was a fun time. I even got 4 autographs (high five if you've heard of all 4 people): Donnie Edwards, Chris Berman, Karl Ravich and Dee Brown.