Another Memphis original is Hueys - home of the #1 burger in Memphis.

Their "thing" is shooting toothpicks (you know, the toothpick with the little tassels on them that come in a huge burger?) into the ceiling.

I guess every year they take them down and donate $1 per toothpick to charity - or something like that.

Since I ordered soup (I was a little car sick), I didn't get a toothpick. Jonathan and Bailey (his 2nd cousin) both made valid (and hilarious!!!) attempts at hitting the ceiling, but to no avail.

Captain David (Jonathan's Army brother) shot about 5 into the ceiling. He was an all-star!


I met little Remy!

Jonathan and I ate at Chefs de France (in Epcot) today for one reason and one reason only ... to meet little animatronic Remy!

Look how cute he is!

The Rendezvous

I really have a hard time spelling the word "Rendezvous".

Every since I met Jonathan, he's been talking about this ribs place in Memphis called the Rendezvous. In fact, his entire family always talked about it. I guess their great uncle used to have some connections, so even though there would be a 3 hour line to get in (seriously - who wants 3 hours to eat?!?), there would always be room for Jonathan's family.

As you can see from the photos, this place is in an ally. And not a "ally made to look nice because there is a restaurant there", it's just a dirty old ally.

It was a really cool place inside. It had junk all over the wall - I think it was all the owners collectables. There were photos of past presidents who had dined there, including senator (at the time) Obama.

Since *gasp*, I'm not a huge fan of ribs, I ordered a pulled pork sandwich. It was delicious!!!!

So if you're ever in Memphis and want to eat at a "classic Memphis establishment", find the Peabody hotel, then walk down the ally directly in front of it. Also, get there before 5pm (like we did), otherwise, be prepared to wait it out.


More Grizz!

My camera has a 'sports mode', which allows me to take a bunch of photos back to back. It's still a small digital camera, so it's not incredibly fast, but I was pleased with these 3 photos of the opening tip off.

You may notice rookie OJ Mayo (number 32). He was pretty much the only player I had heard of on either team.
Both the Grizzlies and the Sacramento Kings had records like 14-35 or something along those lines. Not a high quality basketball showing, but I never say 'no' to free tickets!


Go Grizz!

In February, we flew to Memphis for a quick 3 day weekend.  Jonathan's mom has 5 cousins there, and they all have kids in their early to mid 20's.  So there are a ton of relatives there, most of whom I have never met.

The cousin we stayed with works for FedEx (which is huge in Memphis), so I was secretly hoping he would score some free tickets to a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game.  The Grizzlies stadiums is called the FedEx Forum for crying out loud!

Well, he did not disappoint.  We got "player" tickets!!!  

Granted, I was secretly hoping to sit in the FedEx luxury suite (if that even exists - I'm guessing it does), but these tickets were still awesome.

We sat behind the lower section, in some folding chairs. It was actually the handicapped section. For the 2nd quarter the cheerleaders were standing behind us (literally RIGHT behind us). The 2 unmarried guys really enjoyed that (but not Jonathan ... right!?!?)

Isn't the 'woman' bathroom sign cute? I guess Memphis is the home of the blues, or Elvis, or something musical. I obviously need a Memphis history lesson.


Digital Scrapbooking

The journaling says:  Before Jonathan left home for 4 days he left me a surprise buddy to snuggle with at night.  This was waiting for me when I came home from work.

How cute is this?!?

(I'm sure Jonathan will be thrilled that I posted this here).


Digital Scrapbooking

More digital scrapbooking.

These 2 pages are from out 2 year anniversary lunch at Le Cellier (when a bird pooped on my shoulder before lunch).

Did I mention I love pretzel bread?  I ate 3 pieces!

That little date strip (on the bottom page) is the only thing I've ever purchased.  I bought it from Britt-ish Designs (www.brittishdesigns.blogspot.com).  I love all her stuff!  And all scrapbookers always talk about how important it is to write the date and journal about what is in the photos.  It makes sense - in 10 years I won't remember all the details.


Free TV!

About twice a year, Direct TV gives us 4 days off free Starz channel (a movie channel).  Actually, there are about 5 different Starz channels, and until Monday they are all mine!

Free Direct TV giveaways are my own personal Netflicks.  I record everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) and then Jonathan and I watch it through out the year. 

I can guaranteed that I have something recorded on my DVR from the last freebie time that we haven't watched yet.

I'm most excited about P2 and Prom Night (both horror movies).

Bring on the popcorn and the Move Yaking!


Digital Scrapbooking

In my never ending quest to convert everybody to digital scrapbooking, here is why it's awesome.

I think this page is pretty cute.

It's called a quick page.  

I downloaded everything for free!  I just added the photo, and the date, and *bam*, I'm done.

It doesn't get any easier than that.


Digital Scrapbooking

Ok, I'm going on a Digital Scrapbooking phase. If you're not sure what digital scrapbooking is, it's just like regular scrapbooking (where you cut out paper, glue down stuff, etc ...), only you're 'cutting' paper and 'gluing' stuff using Photo shop.

I still need to figure out how to print them all out, and put them in a book of some kind ... but I'm having fun for the moment.

This is from our October '08 trip to Chicago for my brother's birthday.


ESPN the Weekend

Last weekend was ESPN the Weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

I enjoy going (we go every year), but I really wish they had autograph sessions. I mean, they've got a zillion athletes there, I would wait in line for an autograph.

Anyway, they brought the NBA motor home (that you've probably seen in commercials) and you could walk thru it. Outside they were taking free photos!

I'm deep in thought about the future of the NBA. Jonathan is just smiling and pointing.

Check out my 'retro' Rays t-shirt. I wore that to all 3 playoff game we attended last year. That shirt was 1-2. And that's the Chicago Bears hat I got for Christmas (Wal-mart!)


Are you 23?

Well - Jonathan is!

It's an official Disney fan club.  Now we're looking to plan a trip to Disneyland for their Expo. We'll see if that works out.

Are you 23?


I can't help it!

I've been watching a ton of the TV show "What I Like About You" with Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth (it's been cancelled for a couple years now, but it's on reruns on ABC Family in the afternoon).

I started watching about 1/2 way thru ... saw the finale ... and now I'm back to the beginning again.  It was fun to finally see the pilot!

And I'm soooooo glad I'm watching the early shows, because Simon Rex is Jennie Garth's boyfriend on the show.

OMG - I have an adult crush on him!

He might be the epitome of hotness (in my opinion).  I mean, besides Jonathan of course.

I mean, just look at that chin and smile.

Too bad Jennie Garth just broke up with him on the show. No more Simon Rex for me. Booooo!

edit:  Doh!  I looked up Simon Rex in imdb, and he got his start in showbiz in a very unusual manor.  Let's just say, my crush on him is dwindling fast ...


Wake up Jonathan!

My quest of "work out with Wii Fit everyday" was haulted by a vacation.
5 days later, when I popped the game back in, Jonathan's cute little character was asleep!

Look how adorable he is!

And notice how my character looks nothing like me.  She's got some great hair though.

Side note:  it's hard to take a photo of a TV screen!


YouTube Tuesdays

Over 15 million people have seen this clip, so maybe I'm the last one to find this (actually, Jonathan found it for me).


The complete OPPOSITE of Muppets ...

I believe the Orlando Museum building used to be a courthouse.

Inside they had a replica (or maybe it was the original) courtroom.

Ted Bundy was tried at this table for a murder he committed in Florida.

The sign by his name carved in the table said that there is no proof that he made this carving.  I'll admit it, I kind-of enjoy reading about serial killers.  I mean, they are horrible people, but I guess I find it fascinating that they are so horrible.  That didn't make much sense at all.  No, I am nowhere near the level of collecting their memorabilia or anything!  Ok - I've said too much now ...