7 Dwarfs

Photos from Epcot (from back during the Flower and Garden festival).

Jonathan says that these should be on our Christmas card. "Merry Christmas from Happy (him) and Grumpy (me)."


Has anybody seen that commercial ...

... where that guy is talking sports out of his "you know what?"
"Sure Kobe scored 50+, but can he do that every night? What the Red Sox need is a quality starter!"

Anyways . . . I was in Missouri in June (visiting Jonathan's parents). We went to Grant's Farm, where the Budweiser clydsdales (sp?) live and saw a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium.


Greatest Day Ever!

That would've been Monday, 7/30/07.

Was it because I went to All Star Cafe with Terry and Kerri? Even thought that was very, very enjoyable ... no, that's not why.

It's because, driving home on Rt. 27, I FINALLY made it thru all 3 stop lights while they were green. There is a harmless 3 mile stretch down Rt. 27 with 3 stop lights. Ever since I moved in (Jan '07) I have NEVER MADE IT DOWN 27 with out stopping at least once.

Monday, 7/30/07 I finally made it!!!