I've got wedding fever!

No, not my own wedding fever ... somebody elses!

Last Saturday I was a bridesmade (and Jonathan was the best man) in Bill and Melanie's wedding.

Both the reception and the ceremony were in the Hyatt hotel (right across the street from Downtown Disney). They was nice and convenient. It's always kind-of a pain to drive from a church to a reception hall.

And ... hold your breath ... I think I'll actually wear the dress again. Can you belive it?!?


rub, rub, rub

I drove past a Walgreens last night. The electonic sign said:

85 degrees

Gotta love it!


Save the date - for real this time!

Jonathan and I are getting married on 1/15/07!

Why did we pick a Monday you might ask? That's because we'll be married on a 4-night Disney cruise.

They are planning everything, and it's actually a reasonable price.

More details later ... I'm actually getting ready for another wedding. My friend Melanie is getting married today. I am a bridesmaid and Jonathan is the best man.

edit: Actually, there isn't much more to tell. It's just a wedding/honeymoon combo. It will just be the 2 of us. I've got 2 months to go find a dress. I don't think I'll get a "wedding" dress from a bridal store. I'd like to find something very simple and white. We'll see what I can dig up. Jonathan would like to have some kind of reception/party/something later on (in the summer???).


It's Peanut Butta Jelly time!

Or more specifically, "Jelly Time".

I saw a woman last night, at Downtown Disney, wearing jelly shoes - in high heeled wedges!

I wanted to take a picture of them, but I couldn't make myself less obvious.

Let's all admit it - who owned a pair of jelly shoes?!?

Photos for Hiromi: